b'120772A Colonial folk art pin cushion, cedar, horn, natural fibre and felt, early to mid 19th century,14cm high, 17cm wide$300500773An antique tea caddy with huon pine veneer finish, 19th century,12.5cm high, 20cm wide, 11cm deep$250350 774A Colonial picture frame, honeysuckle (silver banksia), pine and cedar, mid 19th century,27.5 x 25cm, sight 19 x 16.5cm$8001,000 775An antique sampler by Jane Bold Aged 10 Years, in an Australian cedar frame, 19th century,44 x 48cm overall$300500775776R. W. BUGG antique Australian Colonial778 780portrait plaque of a lady, cast plaster in circular timber frame, circa 1860s, A Colonial Australian cedar cutlery tray,H.A. NIELSEN antique Australian book 22cm diameter, 45cm overall mid 19th century, box, Queensland timbers, circa 1920,45cm wide stamped H.A. NIELSEN, Pt. PROVENANCE $200300DOUGLAS, N.Q. AUSTRALIA, The Richard Berry Collection,together with a brochure with pencil Melbourne inscription detailing the various timbers,$500700779 22cm highAn antique Australian book box, fiddle$2,5003,500777 back maple and pine, Queensland AUSTRALIA patterned antiqueorigin, late 19th century,Scottish porcelain dinner plate with blue22cm highand white transfer design manufactured$250350by R. Cockran & Co. of Glasgow, circa 1850.stamped Australia, R.C.&.Co.,26cm diameter$100200 772 779'