b'66426GOLD MINE SHARE CERTIFICATES: bundle of 1954 scrip for a Red Terror Gold Mines share transfer, plus original registered envelope addressed to the transferee.The mine operated from 1947 to 1952 by the Red Terror Gold Mines NL near Tennant Creek, a subsidiary company operating for entrepreneur R.M. Williams, who also operated the more lucrative Nobles Nob gold mine in the same area.$150250 427Assorted polished solid opals.$160200 424 428Antique Chinese pocket banjo scales, 413 420 19th century,Antique gold scales with mahoganyAntique copper spider oil lamp,31cm long.single drawer base and assorted19th century, PROVENANCEweights, 19th century, 12cm high Private Collection Bendigo49cm high $120200$150250 $300500 429421 Two jars of opal potch and chips (2)414 A miners shovel with wooden handle, A set of antique postal scales with19th century, $100200 enamel dial, 19th century, 76cm high28cm high $60100 $120200 415 422Antique scales and weights,OPAL POTCH assortment of mainly late 19th century, Queensland boulder opal21cm high, 32cm wide $150250 $120200 423416 Three assorted gold scales and weights, Three assorted scales and weights,19th century,19th century and 20th century, the largest 21cm wide (3)the largest 50cm high (3) $100200 $120200 424417 VICTORIAN MINERS RIGHT: March Two antique pocket barometers, one1913 Miners Right No.197 with a marked FLAVELLE BROS. & Co.face value of 2/6 issued to William SYDNEY & BRISBANE, 19th century, Farrell at Castlemaine-Maldon.both 7cm high overall (2) $100150$400600 418 425A whale oil slush lamp, blacksmithVICTORIA: A group of Miners made, 19th century, Rights issued at MALDON 40cm high overall 1933-36 (4), plus several $150250associated items.$100200 419Antique strong box emblazoned with ownership details E. J. Tait, Private & Personal, 19th century.Tait was the General Manager of J.C. WILLIAMSONS THEATRE in Melbourne in the late 19th and early 20th century. 41336cm high, 51cm wide, 36cm deep$200300 '