b'126826817 823 829PEARS SOAP print in an Australian kauriA clerks writing slope with lamp fitting,JOHN KENDRICK BLOGG pine mirrored frame, 19th/20th century, early 20th century, (1851-1936) (attributed) 76 x 63cm 28cm high, 38cm wide, 39cm deep eucalyptus branch with gum leaves, $250350$120200carved wood,22 x 52cm, 29 x 59cm overall.818 824 PROVENANCEARTIST UNKNOWN, An antique folk art Baltic pinePrivate Collection Melbourne.two fairy wren paintings, miniature wardrobe, Barossa Valley,$600800South Australian origin, 19th century, oil on cedar board, circa 1900, 40cm high 83035 x 20cm each (2) $120200 $250350An inlaid timber box, Australian cedar, pine, silky oak, ebony and pollard oak, 825 early 20th century,819 Australian folk art kookaburra ornament,14cm high, 38.5cm wide, 24cm deepFRANZ BERGMANN cold paintedpainted pinecone, wood and metal,$150250 Austrian bronze kookaburra statue,early 20th century,early 20th century, 14cm high, 20cm long 831stamped B in cartouche, $200300Three antique timber walking sticks 7cm high, 13cm long including fiddleback blackwood and $8001,200826 eucalypt, 19th and 20th century,ARTIST UNKNOWN, the largest 90cm high (3)820 $200300 An Australian serving tray, silky oakSeven profile portraits,with cedar and pine lozenge motif,patinated plaster panel, 832Queensland origin, early 20th century, early 20th century, Three Australian antique walking 53cm across the handles 14 x 47cm, 27 x 60cm overall sticks including fiddleback blackwood $100200$300500 and eucalypt, one with carved dogs head and one with Turkman knot, 821 827 19th century,An Australian inlaid timber servingAn Australian folk art oval jewelthe largest 94cm high (3)tray with tumbling box design,box with ornately carved floral top,$250350 late 19th or early 20th century, early 20th century,65cm across the handles 21cm wide 833$150250$250350ROBUR blue ceramic teapot with silver plated mount and infuser,822 828 13cm high, 26cm wideAn antique jarrah box with ebony oval$250350An Australian carved jarrah floralinlay to top, interior fitted with three panel, Western Australian origin,velvet lined compartments, Western834early 20th century, Australian origin, 19th century, A folk art model house cigarette box, 38 x 29cm 12cm high, 33.5cm wide, 23.5cm deep carved grevillea and glass, circa 1920s,$150250$15025013cm high, 15cm wide, 13cm deep$80120 '