b'58367An antique carved bone model ship in case, in the Prisoner of War style, 19th century,16cm high, 20cm wide, 9cm deep$300500 368Sailors sweetheart shell display, 19th century,14.5cm high, 17cm wide, 7cm deep$80120 365361KAPAL AMBON model boat in cabinet, made from clove spices,with attached plaque KAPAL AMBON, Trading boat of the Spice Islands (Moluccas) Made From Cloves. Presented by Dr. B. Faragher, Dr. B. Dunn,the cabinet 23cm high, 31cm wide, 17cm deep$300500 369 369362 GARY TONKIN Australian scrimshaw A scratch built model yacht made fromwhales tooth titled DUTCH GALLIOT, Tasmanian timbers, freshly rigged,Albany, Western Australian origin, 19th/20th century, 20th century,83cm high, the hull 62cm long 14cm long$450550 $1,0001,500363An antique eggcup made from turned whales tooth, 19th century,8.5cm high$100200 364BALMAIN BUG antique Australian cedar boat hull, late 19th century,30cm long$250350 365An ornate vintage ship in bottle ornament, 19th/20th century,28cm wide$300500366A folk art ship in bottle ornament,27.5cm wide$150250 362'