b'1473CASTLE HARRIS pierced pottery tray with two applied birds,incised Castle Harris,29cm wide$200300 74CASTLE HARRIS pottery basket with applied fruit decoration,incised Castle Harris,9cm high, 20.5cm wide$200300 75CASTLE HARRIS two pottery basket 69 vases with applied fruit decoration,incised Castle Harris,the larger 11cm high, 20cm wide (2)$200400 69 71 76CASTLE HARRIS square form potteryCASTLE HARRIS pottery flower troughCASTLE HARRIS pottery basket vase vase with applied flying bird decoration, with two applied flying birds, glazed inwith applied grapes and leaves,incised Castle Harris, pink and blue, incised Castle Harris,9.5cm high, 15cm wide incised Castle Harris, 11cm high, 14cm wide$200300 10cm high, 31cm wide $200300 $20030070 77CASTLE HARRIS pottery flower trough72 CASTLE HARRIS group of five assorted with two applied flying geese, CASTLE HARRIS pottery flower troughpieces of art pottery with applied incised Castle Harris, with applied fish decoration, decoration, A/F,10cm high, 31cm wide incised Castle Harris, all incised Castle Harris,$300500 10cm high, 32cm wide the largest 29.5cm wide (5)$200300$300500 7071'