b'64399DROVERS TUCKERBOX, drop-front with four vermin-proof internal compartments with original painted finish on zinc, mid 19th century, a rare survivor,44cm high, 60cm wide, 37cm deep$400600400Goldfields mine shaft safety hook, designed for hauling buckets, 19th century,60cm high overall with rope attached$100150 401Antique gold scales and weights in a carved solid Australian cedar box, New South Wales origin, 19th century,18cm wide$200300 398An antique gold miners brooch, crossed pick and shovel with gold nugget specimens,394 stamped South Africa,5.5cm wide, 5 grams$8001,200GOLDFIELDS394Miners Dial in original fitted mahogany case by Thomas Street And SonLondon, circa 1860,used by the Ballarat Mines Inspector.the case 38.5cm wide.PROVENANCEPrivate collection Ballarat$600800395An antique tobacco jar, painted cast iron, 19th century,11cm high, 9cm wide, 9.5cm deep$60100 396Bankers antique gold scales by W. & T. Avery of Birmingham, 19th century,75cm high.PROVENANCEPrivate Collection, Ballarat$1,5002,000397BENDIGO GOLDFIELDS ore specimens in circular tin$200300396'