b'22614831477 1480 1482JOSEPH GREENBERGJOSEPH GREENBERGRAY AUSTIN CROOKE (1923-2007), (1923-2007), (1922-2015),62 original cartoon artworks, 33 original cartoon and book6 assorted unframed lithographs ink and gouache on paper, illustration artworks, and screenprints,sheet size 41 x 30cm. mainly ink on paper, the largest 23 x 31cm.PROVENANCE the largest sheet size 51 x 32cm. PROVENANCEThe Joseph Greenberg Collection PROVENANCE The Joseph Greenberg Collection$400600The Joseph Greenberg Collection$400600 $400600 1478 1483JOSEPH GREENBERG1481 RAY AUSTIN CROOKE (1923-2007), JOSEPH GREENBERG(1922-2015),20 original cartoon artworks, (1923-2007), Woman With Flower,ink and watercolour, 2 original artworks produced ascolour lithograph, 22/25sheet size 42 x 30cm. front covers for Womans Daysigned and titled in the lower margin,PROVENANCE magazine, circa 1950s. 40 x 53cm, 72 x 82cm overallThe Joseph Greenberg Collection gouache on card, $400600$40060053 x 40cm and 57 x 43cmPROVENANCE1479 The Joseph Greenberg Collection JOSEPH GREENBERG$300500 (1923-2007),41 original artworks,screenprint and woodblock,the largest sheet size 73 x 52cm.PROVENANCEThe Joseph Greenberg Collection$400600 '