b'127829835 841SOUVENIR OF BURNIE, TASMANIAA pair of vintage Australian blackwood desk pen stand togetherinlaid timber bookends, with a pair of candle holders,early 20th century,early 20th century, 14cm high (2)the pen stand 15cm wide $150250 $80120 842836 An Australian Arts & Crafts A pair of carved timber panels of wattletimber panel with carved branches, early 20th century, gumnuts and leaves, 46 x 25cm each (2) circa 1900,$40060062 x 45cm overall$200300 837FLORA LANDELLS Kangaroo Paws843hand-painted porcelain plate, EARLY KOOKA vintage signed Kangaroo Paws W.A. Wildcast iron and enamel Flowers, Hand Painted, oven door with the iconic 21.5cm diameter kookaburra decoration, $120200rare blue colourway, circa 1920s,838 54 x 43cm 843BOOMERANG, Tasmanian Fancy$200300Apples vintage chromolithograph advertising display, early 20th century,29 x 36cm overall$60100 839J.A. CRISP Kookaburra porcelain fruit bowl,signed on the side J.A. CRISP,7cm high, 26cm diameter$100200 840Two Australian carved timber floral panels, circa 1920,36 x 26.5cm (2)$400600 833'