b'90554 556 558A Colonial Australian cedar secretaireAn Australian cedar wine table withA Colonial Australian kitchen scullery bookcase with full turned columns,octagonal baluster form column,table with single drawer, birdseye cock-beading, flame cedar panels, fullcirca 1865, huon pine slab top, Tasmanian origin, cedar fitted interior and secondary73cm high, 53cm diameter mid 19th century. Rare.timbers, New South Wales origin,$35045076cm high, 137cm wide, 74cm deepcirca 1855, $1,0002,000234cm high, 127cm wide, 54cm deep 557$2,5003,500 An antique Australian cedar four drawer559chest, circa 1855, A cottage chiffonier, cedar and pine, 555 102cm high, 92cm wide, 47cm deep South Australian origin, 19th century,A Colonial Australian cedar five drawer$400600139cm high, 100cm wide, 40cm deepdesk with turned legs, circa 1860, PROVENANCEleather insert top removed, The Rodney Pemberton Collection76cm high, 116cm wide, 67cm deep$400600$400600 560An Australian cedar d-end dining table with one leaf 19th century,71cm high, 124cm diameter, extends to 184cm with room for more$600800 561A primitive Colonial chiffonier food safe, solid blackwood throughout, Tasmanian origin, circa 1840,128cm high, 107cm wide, 48cm deep$1,0002,000 562A Colonial blackwood meatsafe with shield doors, turned legs and zinc sides, Tasmanian origin, 19th century,123cm high, 103cm wide, 47cm deepPROVENANCEThe Rodney Pemberton Collection$500800 563An antique Colonial farmhouse scullery table, Baltic pine, Barossa Valley, South Australian origin, 19th century,76cm high, 137cm wide, 68cm deep$600800 564Free standing bookshelves, Australian cedar and pine, 19th century138cm high, 135cm wide, 31cm deep$600800 565A rustic Colonial cedar miners couch with rolling pin back, 19th century,110cm high, 200cm wide, 61cm deep$300500 566An Australian cedar two drawer hall table, New South Wales origin, circa 1860,74cm high, 90cm wide, 51cm deep$400600 554'