b'89547A Colonial cedar chiffonier with turned cedar supports and half turned columns, South Australian origin, circa 1850s,154cm high, 107cm wide, 46cm deep$600800548An Australian colonial cedar five drawer chest with cedar secondary timbers, New South Wales origin, mid 19th century,112cm high, 112cm wide, 50cm deep$6001,000 549An impressive Colonial Australian chest of eight drawers with plum pudding cuts of cedar and turned columns, New South Wales origin, circa 1860, full cedar secondary construction, base plate hand adzed,164cm high, 135cm wide, 65cm deepPROVENANCEThe Rodney Pemberton Collection$1,0001,500 550A Colonial five drawer chest, full cedar construction with cross-banded edge, New South Wales origin, mid 19th century,121cm high, 120cm wide, 56cm deep$7001,000 551An antique Australian cedar chest of five drawers with pine secondary timbers, mid 19th century,107cm high, 106cm wide, 48cm deep$6001,000 552An antique Colonial Australian cedar side table with finely turned legs, mid 19th century,74cm high, 106cm wide, 50cm deep$300500 553An Australian Colonial blackwood rocking chair, Tasmanian origin, mid 19th century,85cm high, 56cm across the arms$300500544'