b'1721169PIERRE JOSEPH REDOUTE (1759-1840),Banksia Nivea,copper engraving, circa 1800,Plate 24 from Relation du Voyagela Recherche de la Prouse by Jacques de Billardiere,sheet size 47 x 30.5cm.Banksia Nivea, commonly known as Honeypot Dryandra, is a shrub endemic to Western Australia. It was first collected by Labillardire in the vicinity of Esperance Bay in December 1792, during a search for the naturalist Claude Riche, who had become lost on the Australian mainland.$250300 1170VINCENT WORDTHORPE (working in Australia) (1794-1802),I.) East View Of Sydney,II.) Town & Cove Of Sydney,hand-coloured engravings,11 x 16cm each, 31 x 37cm overall (2)$3005001171Charles Alexander LESUEUR (1778-1846) (after),Nouvelle Hollande: Nouvelle Galles Du Sud: Vue de la partie meridionale de la Ville de Sydney,1170 hand-coloured engraving,16.5 x 46cm. (plus margins),Lesueur was the natural history and topographical artist with the Baudin Expedition.$300500 1172ANTHONY CARDON, after (John Thomas Barber),DAVID COLLINS, Esqr,hand-coloured stipple engraving, 1804,26 x 20cm (sheet size);also, similar engraved portraits ofCaptain John Hunter (1801), Joseph Banks (1802) and Captain Matthew Flinders (1814, hand-coloured). (4)$30050011731176 NICHOLAS-MARTIN PETIT (1777-1804),Terre de Diemen : Paraberi,hand-coloured engraving, 1807,attractively mounted & framed,overall 62 x 51.5cm.Plate XI of: Baudins Voyage de decouvertes aux terres australes. Atlas / Francois Peron.$200300'