b'18815521552F.E. COX early pottery vase with applied1563gum leaves,incised FORTUNE WELLS POTTERY, VIC. F.E.C. 1933, 1554 15598cm high, 8cm wide Five assorted Australian pottery bowlsELLIS pottery condiments, teapot, $150250 and dishes with hand-painted andjars and serving dishes (12 items),sgraffito decoration, incised Ellis,1553 two signed Guy Boyd, the teapot 26cm highGUY BOYD pottery wildflower plaquethe largest 18cm diameter (5) $120200 and Aboriginal bowl, $100200 incised Guy Boyd, Australia, 156018.5cm and 15cm diameter (2) 1555 BENDIGO POTTERY green and $120200ELISCHER set of six pottery ramekins, brown glazed vase, two BENDIGO impressed Elischer, Waverley Ware blue glazed vases 4cm high, 15cm wide (6) and a BENNETT pottery vase, early to $60100mid 20th century, (4 items),the largest 20cm high1556 $120200 MARTIN BOYD pottery plaque of an Aboriginal man and three small1561pottery jugs, Assorted Australian pottery vases and the plaque 18cm diameter (4) jug by REMUED, McHugh and others, $100200A/F, (8 items),the largest 21cm high1557 $80120 CARL COOPER Australian pottery dish with turtle1562decoration, MARTIN BOYD ramekins, incised Carl Cooper, 1965,REMUED pottery jug, Australia, JACKMAN pottery vase, 15cm diameter NEWTONE blue bowl $200300 together with pottery bowls, a hand-painted vase by F. A. 1558 Mason and a ceramic koala ornament, 20th century,ELLIS pottery cannisterthe largest 18cm high (12)together with three ashtrays$120200 and dishes,incised Ellis,the cannister 17cm high (4) 1563$120200KANGAROO amethyst carnival glass master bowl by Crown Crystal,8cm high, 24cm wide1557 $300500'