b'1951645Three Czechoslovakian Art Deco porcelain vases, circa 1920,the largest 26cm high (3)$120200 1646A Belgian Art Deco hand-painted lidded vase, circa 1920,stamped Faiancerie A.M.C.,35cm high$300500 1647COOPER & Co. English porcelain kingfisher jug together with a Japanese porcelain parrot jug, 20th century, (2 items),1649 14cm and 11cm high$80120 1643 1648An Amphora Art Deco porcelain jugCHARLES CATTEAU stunning pair of decorated with leaves and enamelBelgian Art Deco pottery mantel vases berries, circa 1925, decorated with grazing deer, circa 1920,oval factory mark Amphora,black factory mark to base Ceramis, Made In Czechoslovakia, Made in Belgian, CH. Catteau, D.943,16cm high, 16cm wide 30cm high (2)$120200 $2,5003,5001644 1649 1634A Czechoslovakian Art Deco potteryAMPHORA Czechoslovakian Art Deco vase by Ditmar Urbach, porcelain vase, circa 1925,26cm high black oval stamp Amphora,1650$150250 Made In Czechoslovakia, ROYAL DOULTON Marina English 18cm high, 18cm wide Art Deco coffee set for four, circa 1925, $120200 (11 pieces),the coffee pot 20cm high$120200 16401642'