b'1871551 15351543 1547McHUGH green glazed double gourdREMUED pottery vase with applied shaped pottery vase, gumnuts and leaves in lime green incised H. McHugh, Tasmania, and pink glaze with blue interior,15cm high incised Remued, 1934, Hand $120200 Made, 145/6M,17cm high1544 $400600JOHN CAMPBELL green glazed pottery1548fruit bowl,incised John Campbell, 1932, REMUED pottery vase with applied 8cm high, 21.5cm diameter branch handle,$120200incised Remued,17cm high, 20cm wide$150250 1545MELROSE WARE gumnut and gum leaf1549green glazed vase, REMUED two green glazed basket stamped Melrose Ware, Australian, vases,8cm high, 10cm wide one incised Remued, $120200 the other with foil label,the larger 26cm high (2)1546 $1002001532MELROSE WARE cream glazed pottery trough together with a green glazed1550 1551example (holed), (2 items), HOFFMAN WARE MelbourneJOLLIFF turquoise glazed pottery jug,stamped Melrose Ware, Australian, Centenary, 1934 pottery jug withincised Hand Built Jolliff, FEC, 1947,10cm high, 33cm wide Fawkner and Batman, 9cm high, 17cm wide$100200stamped Hoffman Ware, Australian, $25035012cm high$60100 1547 1534 1543'