b'1991712 GLASS 1724Celadon porcelain tea set, vase,Art Deco frosted amber glass vase,Japanese tea ware, German1720 pink glass vase, green glass flower bowl porcelain coffee pot, frog jug, bonwith aid, blue glass tray and fruit bowl, bon dish, tea pot and assorted jugs,Antique and vintage ruby overlay glasscirca 1930s, (5 items),19th and 20th century, A/F (23 items), beakers, goblets, bell and jar (6 items),the amber vase 16cm highthe largest 25cm high 19th and 20th century, $100200 $80120the largest 17cm high$15025017251713 CARNIVAL GLASS, four assorted Assorted porcelain dinner ware, plates1721 marigold bowls, circa 1930s,and platters including Maxwell Williams,BACCARAT antique French glass fourthe largest 22.5cm wide (4)Royal Doulton Caprice and Johnsonpiece table centrepiece (damaged),$150250 Brothers Harlequin, 20th century, A/F19th century,(59 items) 58cm wide overall 1726$80120$60100 A cobalt carnival glass swan bowl, circa 1930,1714 1722 3.5cm high, 13.5cm widePorcelain plates, dishes, jewelAn antique glass biscuit barrel with$80120 box, meat platters and tureen,enamel floral decoration and silver 19th and 20th century, A/F (15 items), plated mounts, 19th century,the tureen 34cm across the handles 24cm high 1727$60100$120200 A cobalt carnival glass kingfisher bowl, circa 1930,1715 1723 6.5cm high, 24.5cm wideA collection of assorted pottery,A uranium glass Mercury vase$150250 ceramic, glass and brass bowls, dishes,together with a hobnail jar and a vases, jugs etc. 20th century, A/Fpink Art Deco glass vase, 19th and (23 items), early 20th century, (3 items),the largest 21cm high the largest 17cm high$60100$150250 1716Assorted miniature ornaments including porcelain lyre bird and BESWICK pug dog, 20th century, (17 items),the largest 11cm high$80120 1717An eclectic assortment of porcelain teacups, saucers, teapot, plates etc., 20th century, A/F (102 items)$100200 1718Assorted ceramic animal ornaments, onyx horsehead bookends and carved wooden lion, 20th century, A/F (10 items),the largest 20cm high$100200 1719Assorted vintage and antique porcelain jugs, vases, jars, clock, dishes, caster etc., 19th and 20th century, A/F (21 items),the largest 21cm high$80120 1722'