b'1941638 1644 16431634 1637 1640BURMANTOFTS yellow glazed floralLOCKE & Co. WORCESTER, twoCARLTON WARE Red Devil English vase, late 19th century, English porcelain vases, one hand- porcelain jewellery box,factory monogram to base, painted and signed by WALTERstamped Carlton Ware, Hand Painted 34cm high STINTON, late 19th century, Fine Bone China Freehand Painted By $150250 green and black factory marks to theMarie Graves, 16/100,bases, 10cm diameter1635 16cm and 11cm high (2) $150250BURMANTOFTS tall yellow glazed$120200 cylindrical vase, late 19th century, 1641impressed Burmantofts Faiance, 1638 CARLTON WARE Stellata pattern Art 28cm high A hand-painted porcelain vase onDeco English porcelain vase, circa 1930,$120200Rosenthal blank, blue factory mark Carlton Ware, Made signed N. K. 1913, In England, Trade Mark, Handcraft,21cm high 24.5cm high1636 $200300 $600800 LOCKE & Co. WORCESTER pair of antique English porcelain vases, 1642circular green factory mark, 163917cm high (2) A Continental vintage porcelain statueCLARICE CLIFF Red Roof Pagoda $100200of a dancing lady and a seated bather,Bonjour teapot, sugar bowl and milk jug,early to mid 20th century, black factory mark Clarice Cliff 21cm and 9cm high (2) Wilkinson Ltd. England,the teapot 19cm high (3 items)$120200$5007001641 1648'