b'1861536MELROSE WARE green glazed pottery trough,stamped Melrose Ware, Australian,10cm high, 33.5cm wide$2003001537JOHN CAMPBELL mottled glazed pottery bowl,incised John Campbell, Tasmania,6cm high, 9cm diameter1533 $80120 1538JOHN CAMPBELL ribbed pottery vase with unusual turquoise green and burgundy glaze,incised John Campbell, Tasmania,13cm high$100200 1539JOHN CAMPBELL green glazed pottery vase with flared rim,incised John Campbell, 1933,12cm high, 15cm diameter1536 $1202001540AUSTRALIAN POTTERY & GLASS McHUGH two toned pottery vase,incised H. McHugh, Tasmania,8cm high, 14cm diameter1532 1534 $100200 MERRIC BOYD blue glazed pottery jug, MELROSE WARE gum leaf vase with incised M. Boyd, 1924, green glaze, 154114.5cm high stamped Melrose Ware, Australian, Two blue glazed Australian pottery vases and a bowl including BENDIGO $400600 24.5cm high$200300 POTTERY, early to mid 20th century,1533 the bowl 25cm diameter (3)MELROSE WARE Koala bowl with1535 $100200 green glaze, MELROSE WARE Possum stamped Melrose Ware, Australian, trough with green glaze, 15428cm high, 22cm wide stamped Melrose Ware, Australian, MELROSE WARE green glazed gum $400600 12cm high, 35cm leaf vase and white glazed vase,$250350 stamped Melrose Ware, Australian,11cm and 12cm high (2)$100200 1539 1545'