b'2001728 1734 1740An English peach glass float bowl withFour vintage glass ornaments,An art glass vase, late 20th century,fish centrepiece, circa 1930, 20th century, signed T. Shaw,24cm high, 29cm diameter 19cm high (4) 28cm high$150250$100200$120200 1729 1735 1741An English green glass float bowl withA Murano cranberry glass fruit bowl,Murano glass candlestick,fish centrepiece, circa 1930, circa 1960, 21.5cm high24cm high, 29cm diameter 19cm high, 54cm wide $150250$150250$100200 17421730 1736 Four art glass paperweights, Three assorted antique and vintageMURANO glass dish with ruby and20th century,decanters including an engravedlatticino, the largest 6cm high (4)ORREFORS example, 17cm high $100200 the largest 30cm high (3) $100200 $12020017431737 Seven assorted art glass vases 1731 A Murano green glass ewer togetherand bowls including Kosta Boda, A French opalescent glass bowl withwith two Scandinavian glass vases20th century,pinecone motif, circa 1930s, (3 items), circa 1960, the largest 32cm high (7)8cm high, 27cm diameter the largest 35cm high $100200 $120200$150250 17441732 1738 ALEX WYATT Australian blue art glass LALIQUE Sirens French art glassThree assorted Murano glass bowls,vase,table lighter, circa 1960s, signed Alex Wyatt, Australia,15cm high the largest 10cm high, 16cm wide (3) 23cm high$2,0003,000 $120200$120200 1733 1739 1745A Murano clear glass fruit bowl,An art glass compote together with aROBERTA EASTON blue Australian art circa 1960, green art glass vase, 20th century, glass stem vase,16cm high, 52cm wide the larger 38cm wide (2) signed Roberta Easton,$100200$12020029cm high$120200 1746BELLEEK Irish porcelain jug,two vases and three teacups, 19th and 20th century, (6 items),black, brown and green marks,the largest 16cm high$120200 1747Assorted antique and vintage coloured glassware including English, Italian and part silver plated epergne, 19th and 20th century, A/F (16 items),the largest 32cm high$100200 1748Assorted glass and crystal vases, bowls, dishes and compote, 19th and 20th century, A/F (10 items),the largest 23cm high$80120 17321741'