b'1961651CLARICE CLIFF My Garden pair of English porcelain vases, circa 1925,stamped Bizarre By Clarice Cliff, My Garden, Hand Painted, Wilkinson Ltd. England,12.5cm high (2)$2503501652ROYAL DOULTON Countess dinner ware, circa 1920, (37 items)the tureen 25cm across the handles$100200 1653 1655ROYAL WINTON green English porcelain teapot and trivet, circa 1930,circular factory mark to base,17cm high overall 1657 1660$100200CROWN DEVON Widdicombe FairFour assorted CROWN DEVON musical musical porcelain tankard together withtankards, early to mid 20th century,1654 a Runaway Marriage porcelain jug andthe largest 19cm high (4)set of four DEVONMOOR graduated$200300 CLARICE CLIFF floral patterned dinnertoby jugs, 20th century, (6 items),plate, circa 1930s, the largest 22cm highstamped Clarice Cliff,$1002001661Newport Pottery of England, SYLVAC green glazed English pottery 29cm diameter squirrel vase, circa 1930,$1002001658 stamped Sylvac, Made in England,CLARICE CLIFF Georgian Spray22cm high1655 English porcelain dinner ware,$100200 circa 1920s, (8 items),CLARICE CLIFF English Art Decothe tureen 27cm diameterporcelain bowl, circa 1920s, $1002001662stamped Clarice Cliff Newport PotteryWALTZING MATILDA two musical Co. England, porcelain jugs, English and Australian, 10cm high, 18cm diameter 1659 mid 20th century,$120200 SYLVAC English pottery vase with22cm and 20cm high (2)Rockingham glaze, circa 1935, $100200 1656 stamped Sylvac, Made in England,CLARICE CLIFF bowl, plate and teacup,21cm high 1663CHARLOTTE REID porcelain fruit$80120A Danish porcelain lobster dish, bowl together with porcelain dish and20th century,compote (6 items), circa 1930, factory mark to base,the fruit bowl 24cm diameter 17cm wide$150250$60100 1664CROWN STAFFORDSHIRE English floral and gilt porcelain tea and coffee ware, early to mid 20th century, (34 items), the cake plate 26cm wide$100200 1665Assorted porcelain and pottery jugs, vases, flower trough, bowls, dishes and toast rack (13 items), early to mid 20th century,the largest 22cm high$100200 1666BARSONY ceramic statue of a Nubian woman, mid 20th century,36cm high1651 $120200 '