b'2041790 1794 1798Five assorted elephant ornaments,A pair of antique Highland statues, castCollection of assorted cast metal carved wood and resin with bone tusks,spelter with gilt finish, 19th century, animal ornaments, aeroplanes etc., 19th and 20th century, 40cm high (2) 20th century, (qty)the largest 34cm high (5) $100200$100200 $100200 1795 17991791 Twelve assorted jewellery boxesCollection of assorted cast metal Assorted ceramic figures, Winstonincluding a nest of five Chinese dragontrivets, ashtrays and tea caddy, Churchill plaque, carved woodenexamples, 20th century, 19th and 20th century, (26 items)kookaburra, figural decanter etc.,the largest 18cm wide (12) $80120 19th and 20th century, A/F (10 items), $80120 Churchill plaque 18cm high 1800$1002001796 A cape buffalo statue, cast resin on PETIT POINT vintage vanity ware,black marble plinth, 20th century,1792 20th century, (15 items), 19cm high, 35cm wideBOTANICAL SAMPLES: A range ofthe largest circular box 15cm diameter $80120 flowers, leaves and seeds affixed to$80120 annotated pages; fully written-up as to1801genus, date of collection (mainly late1797 An antique English sterling silver 1976) and location (mainly Bundoora).(27 sheets, most with multipleFive assorted antique cast metal figurallidded glass box, and Indian silver and specimens). items including Mercury and a spreadenamel box, an apple shaped cloisonn $100200eagle, 19th century, box, two circular glass boxes, a silver the largest 41cm high (5) plated jewellery box with dog finial $120200and a ruby glass scent bottle, (A/F), 1793 19th and 20th century,An Indian workbox, bone marquetrythe scent bottle 12.5cm long (7)and hardwood, interior fitted$100200 with compartments and mirrors, 20th century, 180215cm high, 33cm wide, 23cm deep$250350 Assorted antique and vintage porcelain and glass vases and jugs including ROYAL DOULTON Blue Children, CAPODIMONTE, Japanese, Italian and others, 19th and 20th century, A/F (10 items),the largest 41cm high$80120 1803Collection of tribal and ethnographic ornaments including African, Chinese and Asian, carved wood, horn, metal, stone and resin, 20th century,43cm high (18)$100200 1793'