b'2011749Four antique pictorial English glass paperweights including Esplanade, Vetnor and castle scenes, 19th century,the largest 6.5cm high (4)$150250 1750Four antique circular pictorial English glass paperweights, 19th century,the largest 6cm diameter (4)$200300 1751Four antique circular pictorial English glass paperweights including The Lees Folkstone, Harrow School, Crystal Palace and Newport Pagnell, 19th century,the largest 5cm diameter (4)$200300 17581752Four assorted vintage glass paperweights, English and French,CHINESE & ASIAN ART 1764including The Royal Pavilion, Brighton,A Chinese spinach jade vase on stand, 20th century, 1758 together with three carved Chinese jade the largest 10cm wide (4) statues, (4 items), 20th century,$100200A Chinese carved stone statue of athe largest 19cm highrecumbent deer on carved wooden$200300 base, 19th/20th century,1753 12cm high, 17cm wide overall 1765Four assorted vintage glass$150250paperweights, including Beatrix PotterThree Chinese carved jade animals, and Fairy Wrens, 20th century, 1759 a miniature censer and pot (5 items), the largest 10cm wide (4) 20th century,$80120Two Chinese carved soapstone figuralthe horse 10cm longvases, 20th century, $150250 the larger 16cm high (2)1754 $120200 Four assorted art glass paperweights including teapot example, 20th century, 1760the largest 8cm tall (4) GUANYIN Chinese cast bronze statue, $120200Qing Dynasty, 19th century,14.5cm high1755 $200300Three antique and vintage glass decanters, cheese dome, jug and1761carafe, 19th and 20th century, A Chinese circular box, the largest 27cm high (6) lacquer and mother of pearl, $6010019th/20th century,11cm high, 20cm diameter1756 $120200 Collection of assorted glass drink ware, vases, ornaments etc. A/F (51 items) 1762$80120Two Chinese carved horn seals, 19th/20th century,1757 5cm and 4.5cm high (2)Fifteen assorted vintage powder$100200 compacts and cigarette cases, 20th century, 1763the largest 9cm wide (15) A Chinese cinnabar lacquered $80120vase, pair of vases on stands, together with a cast resin statue and vase, 20th century, (5 items),the statue 31cm high$100200 1760'