b'2021766 1770A Chinese jade egg, dragon box,SATSUMA export ware pottery mantel condiment and spoon togethervase, Meiji Period,with three jade cups (7 items),39cm high19th and 20th century $150250the egg 6cm high$2003001771A Japanese hand-painted porcelain 1767 bowl together with two Satsuma vases, Chinese carved jade childs bangleMeiji Period 19h and 20th century, A/F (damaged), bead necklace and four(3 items),ornaments (6 items), 20th century the bowl 31cm diameter$120200$60100 1768 1772A pair of Chinese brass and cloisonnA pair of Japanese bronze vases with bookends together with a Japanesecopper and gold highlights, Meiji Period,bronze vase, 20th century, (3 items), 17.5cm high (2)the vase 18cm high $150250$120200 17731769 Four Japanese netsuke, carved ivory Chinese and Indian jewel boxes,and bone, 20th century,painted egg ornaments, porcelain andthe largest 5cm high (4)stoneware dishes, textiles, hardstone$250350 floral ornament and an 18th century porcelain mug, A/F (26 items),177419th and 20th century,floral ornament 33cm high Japanese SATSUMA vase, lidded $100200box and jar, 19th and 20th century, (3 items),the vase 15cm high$120200 17701775Six assorted Japanese seated ceramic figures, 20th century,the largest 5cm high (6)$100200 1776Kutani porcelain sake bottle, Japanese porcelain box, trays, vase and coro, Indian elephant dishes and jewellery box, miniature cloisonn vase and horn vase, 19th and 20th century (12 items),the largest 19cm high$100200 1772'