b'1971667 1676 1681A Denby pottery tobacco jarBARSONY painted chalkware wall bustCARLTON WARE teapot, sugar bowl together with seven assorted vases,of a Nubian woman, mid 20th century, and assorted dishes, (13 items),20th century, (8 items), 15cm high the largest 26cm widethe largest 22cm high $60100$100200 $80120 1677 16821668 Assorted English porcelain dishes,LIMOGES French porcelain boxes, ROYAL DOULTON Series Warevases, candle holder, ornaments,vases, miniature teapot, perfume bottle including Under The Greenwood Tree,jugs etc. A/F (25 items), etc., 20th century, (9 items),Dickens, Rustic England and Oldthe largest vase 17cm high the largest 14cm highCoaching Days, (11 pieces), $80120$100200 the largest 24cm wide$1002001678 1683Finnish porcelain table ware, fiveLIMOGES French porcelain cabinet 1669 assorted teapots including Susie Cooperplates and dishes, 20th century,Two vintage French porcelain servingand two serving plates, 20th century,the largest 19cm diameter (14)dishes with gilt metal mounts,A/F (12 items) $120200 20th century, $100200 the larger 35cm across the handles (2) 1684$601001679 JASPER WARE two vases, a candle COPELAND SPODE Chinese Roseholder together with a cup and saucer, 1670 dinner and tea ware including teapot,20th century, (5 items),A Danish porcelain figural group, an20th century, A/F (39 pieces) 28cm and 18cm highAustrian porcelain flamingo group and a$80120$60100 Lladro porcelain goose, (3 items),the largest 22cm high 1680 1685$100200Assorted Belleek and Irish porcelainSix assorted porcelain teapots, English jugs, vases, bowl and basket togetherand Japanese, 20th century,1671 with an antique Newhall porcelain bowl,the largest 16cm high, 23cm wide (6)ROYAL DOULTON Famous Ships.19th and 20th century, A/F (7 items), $60100 H.M. Brig Acorn porcelain vase, the largest 19cm highfactory mark to base, $80120 15cm high$80120 1672BARSONY Nubian woman figural bowl and a statue, painted chalk ware, mid 20th century,24cm high$120200 1673GMUNDNER KERAMIK Austrian ceramic four piece green striped tea service,factory mark to base,the largest 21cm high (4)$100200 1674FIGGJO Lotte Norwegian porcelain tureen, serving dish and three oven dishes, 20th century, (5 items),the largest 37cm wide$200300 1675VALLURIS pair of vintage French retro pottery vases, circa 1960,incised Valluris, Made in France,31cm and 25cm high (2)$3005001675'