b'1981686 1695 1704WILLOW pattern plates, bowls andCollection of assorted antique andAssorted English porcelain dessert jug by Burleigh Ware and Churchill,vintage English porcelain platesbowls, dishes, compote, jug etc. A/F 20th century, (24 items), including Wedgwood and Spode(47 items), 20th centurythe dinner plates 24cm diameter (22 items), 19th and 20th century, $80120 $60100the largest 26cm diameter$10020017051687 1696 Crown Derby dish, Aynsley floral Antique English Aesthetic Movementbowl and tazza, Spode floral vase, blue and white porcelain dinner ware,Assorted antique and vintage porcelainBunnykins cup and saucer, nursery (A/F), 19th century, (29 items), plates and compotes (23 items),porcelain plates, Crinoline Lady serving the largest tureen 34cm across the19th and 20th century, plates, Indian Tree dinner ware, handles the largest 25cm wide Sally in our Alley serving bowl, $60100$8012019th and 20th century, A/F (22 items)$100200 1688 1697Nine assorted antique andVintage and antique porcelain plates1706vintage porcelain jugs (A/F),and dishes including Royal Doulton,Antique porcelain warming plate, 19th and 20th century, 19th and 20th century, (25 items) hand-painted charger, porcelain tazza the largest 19cm high (9) the largest 26cm diameter and assorted antique porcelain dinner $60100$80120ware, 19th and early 20th century, A/F (21 items),1698 the charger 36cm diameter1689 Seven assorted antique and vintage$100200 JAMES KENT English floral porcelainEnglish porcelain serving bowls, late tea ware and dishes, (23 items) 19th and early 20th century, 1707$4060the largest 26cm diameter (7)$80120Assorted miniature ornaments including 1690 LIMOGES, DELFT, CROWN DERBY, 1699 19th and 20th century, A/F (26 items),Japanese black and gilt porcelainthe tallest 12cm hightureen and assorted bowls, togetherThree English porcelain part tea and$100200 with a pair of antique green and giltcoffee sets, Minton, Paragon and cabinet plates and a pair of floral plates,Hammersley examples (34 items), 19th and 20th century, (22 items), 20th century 1708the tureen 29cm across the handles $80120WEDGWOOD fruit bowl, assorted $60100vases, dishes, jugs, cruet set, etc., 1700 English, Australian and others, 1691 ROYAL DOULTON vintage porcelain19th and 20th century, A/F (31 items),tea and coffee ware (61 pieces),the fruit bowl 31cm diameterROYAL DOULTON floral porcelainearly 20th century, $80120 tea and coffee ware, circa 1920s,factory mark to base,(37 items), the jug 12.5cm high 1709$100200$100200WEDGWOO Jasper Ware Portland style 1692 vase, trinket box and dish, together with 1701 a Jasper Ware plaque, jug and hanging Royal Doulton porcelain plates,Assorted English porcelain tea ware,vase, 19th and 20th century, (6 items),pheasant patterned dinner ware,bowls and saucers including Wedgwoodthe vase 20cm highGerman porcelain tazza and assortedChinese Tigers, Tuscan and Royal$80120 Japanese porcelain dishes, (38 items), Albert Moss Rose (45 pieces total), the tazza 32cm wide 20th century 1710$80120$80120NURSERY WARE porcelain including 1693 Royal Doulton Bunnykins, and 1702 Wedgwood Peter Rabbit, (8 items),Assorted vintage ceramic jugs andAntique English porcelain tureen,the largest 19cm diametervases, mixed origins and condition,compote, biscuit barrels, jug, oversized$60100 20th century, mug, dish and servers (12 items), the largest 21cm high (10) 19th and 20th century, 1711$80120the tureen 33cm wideAssorted English, Norwegian and $60100Japanese porcelain bowls, plates, 1694 tureen and teapot, 20th century, A/F Assorted antique and vintage1703 (31 items),blue and white porcelain plates,DOULTON BURSLEM tureen, dishthe tureen 27cm across the handlesbowls and platters (20 items),and meat platter, WEDGWOOD$6080 19th and early 20th century, Debutante porcelain dinner ware the largest 35cm wide together with three assorted porcelain $100200bowls (23 items), 19th and 20th century,the meat platter 39cm wide$120200 '