b'19015721572 1578 1584An antique English sterling silver teapotAn Adams style sterling silverAn English three piece sterling silver by Walker & Hall, Chester, circa 1906, candlestick by Walker and Hall togethertea service by John Round of Sheffield, 16cm high, 30cm wide, 730 grams total with a pair of sterling silver candlecirca 1906,$400600 holders, early 20th century, (3 items), the water pot 19cm high, the largest 21cm high 672 grams total (3)1573 $120200$450550 Three silver plated wine bottle coasters together with 18 silver plated coasters,1579 158520th century, An Australiana silver plated dinnerA pair of Continental silver salt and the largest 5cm high, 11cm diametergong with figural kangaroo base,pepper pots, a sterling silver pepper (21) early 20th century, pot and a sterling silver lidded pot, $10020024cm high 19th and 20th century, (4 items),$100200the tallest 10cm high, 152 grams total1574 $120200 An antique English sterling silver spirit1580kettle teapot (no stand), by Walker &Five assorted antique and1586Hall of Sheffield, circa 1877, vintage sterling silver dishes,An English claret jug, cut crystal with 23cm high, 25cm wide, 906 grams 19th and 20th century, silver plated marks, 20th century,$600800the largest 17cm wide, 190 grams total30cm high(5) $1202001575 $120200 A pair of antique silver plated wine1587bottle coasters, 19th century, 1581 A sterling silver quaich, 20th century,5cm high, 15cm diameter (2) A sterling silver desk calendar,4cm high, 12cm wide, 114 grams$120200made in Sheffield, circa 1902, $100200 12cm high, 21cm wide1576 $1202001588A sterling silver tray with repoussSterling silver butter dish with blue decoration by Brookes & Crookes of1582 glass liner, cigarette box, prayer book Birmingham, circa 1893, An antique silver plated epergneand a trinket box, 19th and 20th century, 28cm wide, 264 grams centrepiece with glass trumpetthe butter dish 15cm wide (4)$150250adornments, 19th century, $150250 35cm high1577 $1002001589Three sterling silver piercedSterling silver bowl, jug, urn and three bon bon dishes, 1583 miniature goblets, early 20th century, the largest 20cm wide, A sterling silver napkin ring, cream jug,the bowl 17cm wide, 402 grams total (6)208 grams total (3) condiment pot, beaker and bon bon$250350 $150250dish, 19th and 20th century,the beaker 9cm high, 270 grams total (5)$200300 '