b'19216111607PORCELAIN & CERAMICS 1613 1619WEDGWOOD JASPER WARE antiqueCollection of bisque and resin statues 1607 porcelain decanter and water jug,and ornaments, 19th and 20th century, 19th century, A/F (14 items),PONTE ROTTO Staffordshire blue28cm and 18cm high (2) the largest 20cm highand white transfer bowl, circa 1825, $120200$120200 10cm high, 23cm wide$120200 1614 16201608 WEDGWOOD JASPER WARETwo antique bisque porcelain chariot collection of seven antique piecesornaments, MOORE BROTHERS cupid Seven assorted antique English blueincluding two teapots, three jugs,vase and a LLADRO dove statue, and white porcelain plates and dishes,candlestick and bowl, A/F, 19th century, 19th and 20th century, A/F (4 items),19th century, the largest 22cm high (7) the largest 28cm highthe largest 35cm wide (7) $60100$60100 $120200 1615 16211609 A pair of antique German figuralAn impressive antique Continental A pair of antique English porcelainporcelain candlesticks and a pair ofbisque porcelain vase with female cabinet plates with hand-painted castlepeasant statues, (A/F), 19th century, figures and lionesses, 19th century,scene landscapes and green border,the largest 24cm high (4) 42cm highearly 19th century, $60100$150250 23cm diameter (2)$1002001616 16221610 MEISSEN German floral porcelainCOPELAND SPODE Greek blue and centrepiece, 19th century, white porcelain cabinet plate together A set of three French porcelain cabinetblue factory mark to base, with three COPELAND SPODE Italian plates with hand-painted architectural36cm high blue and white porcelain bowls, scenes, early 19th century, $15025019th century, (4 items),20cm diameter (3) the largest 26cm diameter$801201617 $120200 Six assorted antique and vintage English 1611 porcelain teapots (one with matching1623COPELAND jardinire, blue and whitetrivet), 19th and 20th century, (7 items), ROYAL WORCESTER porcelain basket pate sur pate porcelain decorated with20cm high vase, pair of MOORE BROTHERS classical figures, early 19th century, $100200porcelain cactus vases, Regency 15cm high, 17.5cm diameter (2) English porcelain jug, COALPORT $150250 1618 shell vase, CARLTON WARE Art Deco vase and a bisque floral vase (7 items), 1612 Five antique porcelain and bisque figural19th and 20th century,ornaments, 19th century, A/F the largest 13cm highPRATT WARE pair of antique Englishthe largest 17cm high (5) $120200 porcelain plates, circa 1840, $100200 25cm diameter (2)$100200 '