618 BALL, Charles: “The History of the Indian Mutiny giving a detailed account of the Sepoy Insurrection in India.......Illustrated with Battle Scenes, Views, Portraits, and Maps, beautifully engraved on steel. ” [The London Printing and Publishing Company Ltd, London, 1875]. Hardcover. Original marbled boards with leather corners and brown leather spine gilt bands and gilt lettering on each volume. Illustrated with battle scenes, views of places, portraits and maps (reproduced steel engravings). Vol I: 648pp + vii prelims. Vol II: 664pp + viii. (2) $150–200 ❖ 619 MARTIN, R. Montgomery: “The Indian Empire: Its History, Topography, Government, Finance, Commerce, And Staple Products With A Full Account Of The Mutiny Of The Native Troops, And An Exposition Of The Social And Religious State Of One Hundred Million Subjects Of The Crown Of England. Dedicated By Authority To Her Most Gracious Majesty The Queen. Illustrated with Maps, Portraits, Views, Etc. from Original Sketches. ” [The London Printing and Publishing Company; N.D. but circa 1865]. Published after the 1857 Indian Mutiny, a brown three (3) volume set in quarter brown calf with brown pebbled cloth. Marbled endpapers and page edges. Bifold map in volume one. Volumes one and two set up in two column pages, volume three in single columns facing prints. (3) $500–750 ❖ 620 CARNARVON, The Earl of: “Letters of Philip Dormer Fourth Earl of Chesterfield to His Godson and Successor Now First Edited from the Originals, with a Memoir of Lord Chesterfield by The Earl of Carnarvon, with portraits and illustrations. ” [Clarendon Press : Oxford, 1890]. No.301 of the Limited Edition of 525 with half-vellum binding. With the bookplate of Sir Robert Drew. Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield, was a British statesman and man of letters. During his life, Stanhope did not have a legitimate heir to his lands and property and so adopted his distant cousin and godson, Philip Stanhope. His godson is the recipient of the letters in this book. Stanhope is also well known for the letters to his illegitimate son, which were posthumously published. The letters served as a handbook on becoming a gentleman in 18th century life, and it is this work which established Chesterfield’s literary reputation. $150–200 ❖ 621 A collection of 33 volumes published 1955 - 1967 by the Medical Department of the United States Army providing comprehensive and specialized reports of the activities, achievements, difficulties and discoveries of the Department during World War Two. Subjects include Communicable Diseases Malaria; Arthropodborne Diseases Other Than Malaria; Communicable Diseases Transmitted Chiefly Through Respiratory and Alimentary Tracts; Personal Health Measures and Immunization; General Surgery; Vascular Surgery; Hand Surgery; Activities of Surgical Consultants; Infectious Diseases; Thoracic Surgery; Opthalmology and Otolaryngology; Veterinary Service; Neuropsychiatry, etc. A fine set, all bearing the gilt embossed ownership/presentation inscription on the front cover: LIEUT. GEN. SIR ROBERT DREW, KCB, CBE, QHP , MB, FRCP . $500–750 622 DREW, Sir Robert: “Commissioned Officers InThe Medical Services OfThe British Army 1660-1960. Vol. 11 - Roll of Officers InThe Royal Army Medical Corps. 1898-1960” [London; Wellcome, 1960] 452pp; also, WOLSTENHOLME, Gordon: “The Royal College of Physicians of London Portraits” [London; J & A. Churchill, 1964] 468pp; and, GIBSON, William. C. (ed.): “British Contributions to Medical Science” [London; Wellcome, 1971] 302pp. $100–150 ❖ 623 1966 - 2014/15 “Transactions of The Medical Society of London, Volumes 82 - 131 (lacking only 125/26), the first 9 volumes being hardback. (45) $200–300 ❖ 624 STEPHEN, Sir Leslie & LEE, Sir Sidney: “The Dictionary of National Biography founded in 1882 by George Smith” [Oxford University Press, 1967-68] 22 volumes plus the 1901-11, 1912-21, 1922-30, 1931-40, 1941-50 and 1951-60 supplemental volumes, making 28 volumes in all. All hard covers with dust jackets and all with the bookplate of Lieutenant-General Sir Robert Drew. (28) $300–500 ❖ 625 HUNTER, John: “An Historical Journal of the Transactions at Port Jackson and Norfolk Island with the Discoveries which have been made in New South Wales and in the Southern Ocean, since the publication of Phillip’s Voyage, including the Journals of Governors Phillip and King, and of Lieut. Ball.... ” [Adelaide, 1968]. A facsimile of the original published in London in 1793. With all plates and charts. Also, PHILLIP , Arthur: “The Voyage of Governor Phillip to Botany Bay; with an account of the establishment of the colonies of Port Jackson and Norfolk Island..... ” [Adelaide, 1968]. A facsimile of the original published in London in 1789. With all plates and charts. (2) $300–400 ❖ 621 85