114 An Austrian Goldscheider Art Deco porcelain statue, circa 1930, stamped “Goldscheider, Wien, Made In Austria” , 32cm high $200–300 ❖ 115 Rosenthal Kurt Wendler (1893-1980) Art Deco style ginger jar, 20th century, 22cm high $500–700 116 Royal Doulton Archives Collection Burslem Artwares Sanming vase, limited edition 59/125, circa 2000, 36cm high, 32cm across $1,000–2,000 117 CLARICE CLIFF "Blossom" pattern limited edition plate by Wedgewood, circa 1999 with certificate, plate 31cm diameter $100–200 ❖ 118 Royal Cauldon Cairo Ware “Rangoon Philosopher” porcelain vase, circa 1930, black factory backstamp, 15cm high $120–200 ❖ 119 Royal Cauldon Cairo Ware “Fiji Mindan” porcelain vase, circa 1930, black factory backstamp, 26cm high $120–200 ❖ 120 Pierrefonds French pottery vase, circa 1930, stamped “Pierrefonds” with monogram, 20cm high $120–200 ❖ 121 A pair of Royal Doulton Chinoiserie porcelain plates, 27cm diameter (2) $100–200 ❖ 122 W & R Carlton Ware pagoda patterned coffee ware on blue ground comprising eight cups and eight saucers, swallow backstamp “W & R, Stoke On Trent, Carlton, Made In England” , saucers 11cm diameter (16) $120–200 ❖ 123 Carlton Ware Art Deco porcelain vase, circa 1930s, stamped “Carlton Ware, Made In England, Trade Mark” , 18.5cm high $100–200 ❖ 124 Four Royal Doulton series ware plates and dishes together with a Falcon ware jug and 2 tankards, circa 1930s, the jug 21cm high (7) $100–200 ❖ 125 A collection of English porcelain cabinet plates including Doulton, Carlton Ware dishes, Lord Nelson jugs, Italian porcelain jug, Art Deco trough, Victorian glass mantle vase with transfer portrait and a fine crystal jug with 4 glasses, 19th and 20th century, the mantle vase 32cm high (20) $100–200 ❖ 126 GOUDA Pottery floral platter, Dutch, early 20th century, signed “Royal Gouda, Kabor, Made In Holland, 4679” , with crown mark, 39.5cm diameter $200–400 127 GOUDA Pottery impressive tall floral decorated vase, Dutch, mid 20th century, signed “Dora Koninklijk Gouda, Royal, Made In Holland” , 64cm high $600–800 ❖ Lots with this symbol are illustrated online at www.leski.com.au 126 127 19