320 A butterfly wing framed display, mid 20th century, 45 x 57cm overall $200–300 321 Bird of Paradise feather fan with ornate silver handle, late 19th century 42cm high $150–250 ♦ 322 A sea turtle shell, early 20th century 44 x 37cm $150–250 ❖ ♦ 323 Six assorted taxidermied birds, 20th century the tallest 31cm (6) $200–300 ♦ 324 Hartebeest mounted horns on hardwood board, early 20th century, 57cm high, 32cm across $80–120 ❖ 325 A female lion skin rug with red felt backing, early to mid 20th century, 192cm long, 1118cm wide, $1,000–1,500 ❖ ♦ 326 A pair of African antelope taxidermied heads, 19th century, 60cm high, 33cm wide (2) $300–500 ❖ 327 A mounted rhino horn on shield board with silver plaque “Finally Won By Battalion Senior Cadets Commanding” , 19th century, plaque 33cm high horn, 23cm long $6,000–8,000 ❖ ♦ 328 A taxidermied shoulder mounted Samba deer, 20th century, 108cm high, 41cm across $400–600 ❖ 329 A taxidermied shoulder mounted deer’s head, 20th century, 110cm high, 60cm across $600–800 ❖ PHOTOGRAPHS, BOOKS & DOCUMENTS (Lots 330–343) 330 STEREOVIEWS: Boer War including the Victorian Contingent (7), U.S.A. including cotton pickers and Indian canoes (10), plus mining (2) (19) $100–150 ❖ 331 ERTE, Romain De Tirtoff, (1892-1990) series of six mounted photographs of the famed French artist, one signed and endorsed to Colin and Sue Silver of Silver K Gallery High street Armadale, circa 1981, framed 49 x 49cm overall $60–100 ❖ 332 LEWIS MORLEY (1925-2013) I To Eye photo lithograph, signed lower left “Morley” , 78 x 55cm $600–800 333 ACKERMANN, Richard The History of the Abbey Church of St Peter’s Westminster, its Antiquities and Monuments, in two volumes. [Harrison & Leigh, London, 1812] With 80 colour plates by J.Bluck, J.Hamble, T.Sutherland and others, after A.Pugin, F .Mackenzie, H.Villiers, T.Uwins, plus floor plans, elevations, appointment details, and portraits. Contents with list of subscribers and plates; Volume I 330 pp. plus index, Volume II, 275 pp plus index. In original binding (which is somewhat distressed). $500–750 ❖ 334 Souvenir of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee Procession June 22 1897 With the Compliments of W.D. &H.O. Wills Ltd. [Bristol: W.D. & H.O. Wills Ltd., 1897]. White boards, oblong format, 14 x 19.5cm, gilt bordered boards, with gilt titles, 10 richly coloured chromolithograph plates, two of them folding. The paste-downs, advertisements for “Three Castles” and “Capstan (Navy Cut)” tobacco and cigarettes, are lightly foxed. The plates are clean and bright and all but the portrait of Her Majesty have one-line tobacco advertisements at their head. An elaborate advertisement for Wills’ Tobaccos & Cigarettes. The third plate shows the Victorian Rifles and New South Wales Lancers passing along Pall Mall. $150–200 ❖ 320 321 48