THE GARY KAY REFERENCE LIBRARY (Lots 344–354) GARY (Gershwin) KAY, 1941–2018 Melbourne antique dealer, Gary Kay, passed away last November, after several years of deteriorating health and time spent on dialysis. He was known to the antique and art trade throughout Australia and in Europe, especially France where he combed the streets of Paris looking for treasures. A master of the deal, Gary looked for furniture, mirrors, chandeliers and anything unusual, which he brought back to Australia, influencing the décor of many households and offices. He loved to chat, meet fellow dealers for dinner and doing a deal. His best-known showroom, Antique Décor, was in High Street Armadale, not far from our present rooms, so it is with a sense of continuity that we are proud that Gary asked us to sell his reference library. He was already in a very bad way the day early in November that we came to pack it up and take it away from the home/ showroom he had just sold in Richmond. I am sure he hoped that other collectors, dealers and fellow lovers of fine things, will find interest and inspiration in the pages of the books that follow. As Terry Ingram wrote in his obituary for Gary, “The very large attendance [at the burial service at the Melbourne Chevra Kadisha] was a testament to the esteem in which he was held, both in the antique trade and the general community. ” 344 Venetian Glass: A group of hardcover reference books, all with dust jackets. (11 vols.) $200–300 ❖ 345 Cast Iron and architectural lacework reference books (21 vols.) $300–500 ❖ 346 Antiques, Interiors, Australian themes and art reference books; mainly hardcover. (75 vols.) $300–500 ❖ 347 Art and Photography reference books (35 vols.) $300–500 ❖ 348 Furniture and other antiques reference books (58 vols.) $300–500 ❖ 349 Antiques, design, and Art Deco reference books (56 vols.) $300–500 ❖ 350 Antiques, arts and design reference books (60 vols.) $300–500 ❖ 351 Trade catalogues, 19th and early 20th century, (8 vols.) $250–350 ❖ 352 Paris Exhibition catalogues 1867 and 1900, leporello photographic souvenirs and books (8 vols.) $120–200 ❖ 353 Architecture, travel and antiques; reference books. (35 vols.). $300–500 ❖ 354 ART IN AUSTRALIA: 1922-1927 A Quarterly Magazine. Third Series, a collection of (17) different editions comprising #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 , 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17 , 18 & 19. $300–500 ❖ PAINTINGS & OTHER ARTWORKS 355 GUIDO ODIERNA (ITALIAN, BORN 1913) ‘Fisherman In Seascape’ oil on canvas signed lower left ‘Guido Odierna’ 41cm x 81cm $400–600 356 AFTER SIR FRANCIS GRANT (1803-1878) The Rt. Hon Sir George Grey Bart G.C.B. engraving by S. W. Reynolds (1773-1835) published Paul & Dominic Colnaghi & Co., 2 October 1850 Mezzotint 65 x 43 cm $100–150 ❖ 355 50