THE COLIN STEELE AUTOGRAPH & BOOK COLLECTION (Lots 502–510) Colin Steele was University Librarian at the Australian National University from 1980 to 2002 and has been Emeritus Fellow at the ANU since 2004. His awards during his career include the Knight Cross of Queen Isabella La Catolica of Spain and the Australian Centenary Medal. Colin has been an avid book collector since his time at the Bodleian Library at Oxford. See his ‘Bibliophilic Memoir’ in Charles Stitz Australian Book Collectors, Volume 5, Books of Kells, 2017 , pp 504 – 511. His large collection of science fiction and fantasy resides in the Fisher Library, Sydney University and his signed Australian literature collection is held at the Australian National University. Colin was Chair of the National Word Festival from 1983 to 1987 and, since 1987 , Convenor of the ANU Meet the Author events which has allowed him to meet many leading Australian and international authors and media personalities. In that capacity, Colin collected his inscribed large Australian Politics collection, included in the sale. The various themed collections were formed over four decades, in which autographed books were either purchased from leading booksellers such as Hatchards in London (e.g. the Margaret Thatcher and Christine Keeler signed books), or autographs or signed photographs were purchased, largely from two leading autograph specialists in the UK and US, and placed in a relevant book. All the autographs are thus accompanied by an authorial or related book. Colin was at Liverpool University in the early 1960s and University College London in the middle of the 1960s, which provided the stimulus for the collection of the signed books on popular music such as the Beatles and the Stones, the Profumo affair, the ‘Swinging 60s’ and British cult comedy figures, such as Monty Python. Colin’s interests, his energy and his fascination with people and their stories are vividly expressed in these thematically assembled collections of books, autographs, photographs, which allow buyers access to significant vignettes of history and culture. 502 ALLTHE PRESIDENTS MEN & WOMEN A fabulous collection of books and autographs featuring the Presidents of the United States, their wives and mistresses, their advisers, associates, staff and Presidential aspirants. Like all the lots in this group, it’s a collection with a twist: Almost every volume comes with an associated autograph and includes ELEANOR ROOSEVELT (signed card), MAMIE DOUD EISENHOWER (signed card), DAVID EISENHOWER (signed book), ADLAI STEVENSON (signed book), MARGARET TRUMAN (2 signed books), CAROLINE KENNEDY (signed book), EUNICE KENNEDY SHRIVER (signed card), JIM GARRISON prosecutor in the Oswald case (signed card), WILLIAM MANCHESTER historian of the Kennedy assassination (signed card) & PIERRE SALINGER (signed card), ARTHUR SCHLESINGER (2 signed books & a signed card), J. EDGAR HOOVER (signed letter on FBI letterhead, 19400, QUEEN DINA ABDEL HAMID of Jordan (signed dedication to JAQUELINE KENNEDY ONASSIS in her book), J.K.GALBRAITH (signed card), DEAN RUSK (signed card), ROBERT McNAMARA (signed card), BARRY GOLDWATER (signed photograph), LADY BIRD JOHNSON, LUCI BAINS JOHNSON & HUBERT HUMPHREY (signed cards), PAT NIXON (signed letter on White House letterhead), Julie Nixon Eisenhower (signed book), RICHARD NIXON (signed as “Dick Nixon” on short note), GEORGE SCHULTZ (signature on Nixon envelope), RICHARD NIXON (signed business card), OLIVER NORTH (signed book), HARRY S. DENT (signed book), BENJAMIN C. BRADLEE (signed card), BOB WOODWARD (signed card), JOHN DEAN (signed book), GERALD FORD (signed card), HENRY KISSINGER (2 signed books), DANIEL ELLSBERG (signed book), JIMMY CARTER (2 signed books & a signed card), ROSALYN CARTER (signed card), RONALD REAGAN (signed card & signed photograph), JANE WYMAN Reagan’s 1st wife (signed card), NANCY REAGAN (signed card), JAMES BAKER (signed book), DAN QUAYLE (signed letter & card), GEORGE H. BUSH (signed book), BARBARA BUSH (signed book & signed card), AL GORE (signed letter on V.P . letterhead), MADELEINE ALBRIGHT (signed book), BILL CLINTON & KEVIN SPACEY (signed together on one card!), CHELSEA CLINTON (signed card), MONICA LEWINSKY (signed book), HILARY CLINTON (signed book & signed card), SARAH PALIN (signed card), GEORGE W. BUSH (signed card), JOE BIDEN (signed photograph), RUDY GUILIANI, DONALD TRUMP (signed card), IVANA TRUMP (signed card) and more. A fascinating collection, mainly hardcovers with dust jackets. (72 volumes). $5,000–7,500 502 72