Autobiography” (with a photo signed by Greaves); “Biting Talk” by Norman Hunter (signed by him); “Alan Ball - Playing Extra Time” (with a photo signed by him); “Winning Isn’t Everything - A Biography of Sir Alf Ramsey” (with a team postcard signed by Ramsay); “Geoff Hurst - 1966 And All That” (with a postcard signed by Hurst); and “Jack Charlton - The Autobiography” (signed by Charlton). Complementing these is the two volume “The Pele Albums” set with both volumes signed by Pele and another book (unsigned) of photographs of his life and career. (13 volumes). $750–1,000 ❖ 509 AUSTRALIAN PRIME MINISTERS, POLITICIANS, GOVERNORS-GENERAL AND OTHER PUBLIC FIGURES A fine collection of books, photographs and other documents, mostly with the associated autographs of our Prime Ministers, Leaders-of-the-Opposition, Governor’s General, Ministers, aspirants, journalists, wives and mistresses. Original signatures we noted include Prime Ministers Menzies, Gorton, Whitlam, Fraser, Hawke, Howard, Gillard, Turnbull, Abbott and Rudd. Other notable signatures include John Kerr, Vladimir & Evdokia PETROV, Bill Hayden, Jim Cairns & Juni Morosi, Mark Latham, Clyde Cameron, Tim Fischer, Lord Casey, Barry Jones, Gareth Evans, “Nugget” Coombs, Sir William McKell, Sir Garfield Barwick, Peter Garrett, John Button, Sir Owen Dixon, Sir Ninian Stephen, Pauline Hanson and Blanche D'Alpuget and many more. Over 140 volumes, mainly hardcover and with dust jackets. $2,500–3,500 510 AMERICAN ASTRONAUTS ANDTHE SPACE RACE A small collection of signed books with the autographs of some of the most important early astronauts, without some of whom the June 1969 Moon Landing would not have been possible. The collection comprises “For Spacious Skies - The Uncommon Journey of a Mercury Astronaut” signed by SCOTT CARPENTER; “NASA The Complete Illustrated History” with a loosely inserted card signed by JOHN GLENN; “One Small Step - 40th Anniversary of the Race to the Moon” with a loosely inserted card signed by BUZZ ALDRIN; “John Glenn - A Memoir” signed and dated by JOHN GLENN (the first American in orbit); “Encounter with Tiber” signed by BUZZ ALDRIN; and an official photograph of SALLY K. RIDE (the first American woman in space), signed by her. (5 books + 1 photo.) $750–1,000 ❖ CIGARETTE & TRADE CARDS 511 AMERICAN TOBACCO COMPANY issues for Australia comprising 1901 “Australian Parliament” (4), “Battle Scenes” (13), “Boer War Series II” (5), 1900 “Celebrities” (3), 1910 “Fish from American Waters” (15), 1895 “National Flags & Arms” (6), 1900 “Old & Ancient Ships (23). Cat. approx. £600. Mixed condition. $200–250 ❖ 512 W.D. & H.O. WILLS: Issues for Australia including 1916 Animals (cut-outs) (46/60), 1910 Arms of the British Empire (complete set, 50), 1913 British Empire Series (37/50), 1915 Britain’s Defenders (complete set 50 “Specialties” plus 11 “Havelock”), 1929 Crest & Colours of Australian Universities, Colleges and Schools (40/68), 1912 Fish of Australasia (34/50, plus 6 “Havelock”), 1915 Modern War Weapons (36/50), 1913 Riders of the World (complete set 50, plus 3 “Havelock”), 1913 Royal Mail (39/50), 1915 Victoria Cross Winners (complete set 25, plus 5 “Havelock”), 1915 War Incidents (48/50), 1915 War Pictures (36/50), 1906 Wild Animals of the World (18/50) and 1915 Recruiting Posters (complete set, 10). Mixed condition; mainly fine. Cat.£1,060+ $300–500 ❖ 513 1908 SNIDERS & ABRAHAMS “View of the World” small format photographic stereo views. (210+) Minimal duplication; mainly fine. Cat. £785+. $100–200 ❖ 514 SNIDERS & ABRAHAMS: 1915 Great War Leaders and Warships, part set (37). Mixed condition; mainly fine. Also, Shakespeare Characters issued 1906-11, part set (13). Cat.£255+ $100–150 ❖ 515 JOHN PLAYER & SONS: 1930 “History of Naval Dress” almost complete set (46/50), 1931 “Military Head- Dress” part set (35/50) & 1932 “Butterflies” almost complete set (48/50). Mainly VF . Cat.£145. $100–150 ❖ 516 1965 Scanlen’s “Man from U.N.C.L.E. ” large part set, (63/72); plus 1966 Scanlen’s “The Monkees” complete set of (44 + spares) & 1967 Scanlen’s “The Monkees” complete set of (44 + spares). Mixed condition. $200–250 ❖ POSTCARDS & POSTERS 517 Group of cards in an old album and loose in a small box; including “A Bird in the Hand” by Hop, WW1, Bairnsfather, Dr. Barnardo’s, New Zealand, Africa and cards of the world, (180+). $150–250 ❖ 518 Album of vintage cards including China, Japan, Australia, USA etc (100) $60–100 ❖ 519 A dilapidated old album of postcards of the world including England (London, Croydon, Purley, Salisbury, Bradford, Isle of Wight, etc.), South Africa, a few Australian, European, etc. (300+). $250–350 ❖ 520 Album containing a diverse range; noted Chinese execution types, Pacific Island scenes and beauties, especially Fiji and New Caledonia, early Singapore, shipping, China, Japan and a few Australian. (75 + 2 small photo series ). $200–250 ❖ 521 Album containing a diverse range; noted California, film stars of the 1930s (some signed), New York, other U.S.A. including Honolulu, English Royalty, 1936 Olympics, etc. (80+). $100–150 ❖ 522 Album containing a diverse range; noted Australian RP types, Europe, French nudes, ethnographic nudes, etc. (100+). $200–250 ❖ 523 “SEE MALAYA, F .M.S.R. ” facsimile travel poster in timber frame, 78 x 56cm overall $60–100 ❖ 75