543 A dinner gong, English oak with ormolu Corinthian columns, late 19th century, 27cm high $120–200 544 An American cast iron inkwell with three ink pots, late 19th century, 26cm across $150–250 ❖ 545 Three novelty animal inkwells, cast metal and marble, 19th and early 20th century, the largest 19cm across (3) $150–250 ❖ 546 Two antique oil lamps with glass fonts and shades, plus an original extra ruby acid etched shade, 19th century, the taller 62cm high (3) $400–600 ❖ 547 An Anglo-Indian desk set, ivory, horn and padouk; pearl shell comport, bronze mouse ornament and compendium satchel, the desk set 20cm across (4) $80–120 ❖ 548 A pair of Adams style white metal candlesticks, two soda syphons, a banjo barometer, kitchen scales and assorted weights, early 20th century the tallest 47cm (7) $100–200 ❖ 549 A carved wooden bust of a tribal figure, Indonesian, 20th century, 45cm high $60–100 ❖ 550 Four assorted walking canes and walking sticks, 19th and 20th century, the longest 92cm (4) $120–200 ❖ 551 A pair of vintage ice skates, fine kid leather with stitched leather soles and blade covers, early 20th century, blades marked “Made in England” with Greyhound trademark, blades 27cm (2) $60–100 ❖ 552 Group of five antique shop counter bells, American and English, 19th century, turtles 17cm long (5) $150–250 ❖ 553 Collection of pipes and tobacciana including fine carved meerschaum examples, rack and stands, 19th and 20th century, pipe rack 24cm across (13) $250–350 ❖ 554 Tobacciana, bottle opener, Art Deco metal statue, wooden pin-up girl plaque, pin cushion and ashtrays, early to mid 20th century, statue 16.5cm high (9) $120–200 ❖ 555 A decoy duck, carved and painted wood with glass eyes, 19th century, 43cm long $100–200 ❖ 556 Three model planes, painted metal, 20th century, the longest 48cm (3) $60–100 ❖ 557 Group of eight assorted Nubian female face plaques, ceramic and carved wood, 20th century, the tallest 28cm high (8) $80–120 ❖ 558 Novelty dachshund spice racks and assorted jars, condiment set, ornaments and Black Forest ornaments, 20th century, spice rack 35cm long (7) $80–120 ❖ 559 Group of miniature ornaments, Chinese cloisonne ornaments, Swarovski Crystal, pill boxes, thimble etc, the tallest 11cm high (14) $100–200 ❖ 560 PHILIPS’ 13½ inch Terrestrial Globe on bakelite base, mid 20th century, 42cm high $80–120 ❖ 561 An Etruscan bronze axe, Italian, 8th century B.C. 15cm long $600–800 562 ERICSSON Wall phone with French name plaque, early 20th century, 20cm high $100–200 ❖ 563 Silver niello vesta, lapis lazuli seal, ivory, amber and ceramic ornaments and cigarette holders plus timber box, 19th and 20th century, the box 15cm across (9) $100–200 ❖ 543 561 78