407 A Chinese porcelain ginger jar with dragon decoration, 19th century, 28cm high $300–500 ❖ 408 A pair of Chinese bronze horse statues with ornate brass inlay, 19th/20th century, 98cm high, 91cm long (2) $5,000–7,000 409 Three blue and white porcelain dishes, Ming Dynasty, the largest 18cm diameter (3) $200–300 ❖ 410 Three Chinese blue and white porcelain dishes, Ming and Qing Dynasty, the largest 22cm diameter (3) $250–350 ❖ 403 A Chinese Willow pattern sparrow beak porcelain jug, early 19th century, 18cm high $200–400 ❖ 404 A Chinese blue and white ceramic vase, 19th century, 28cm high $600–1,000 405 A Chinese Willow pattern oval plate with later French over- gilding, early 19th century, 21.5cm across $120–200 ❖ 406 A pair of Chinese blue and white porcelain dragon vases, Qing Dynasty, early to mid 19th century, four character mark to base, 20cm high, (2) $200–300 ❖ 404 402 408 59