505 ENGLISH PRIME MINISTERS, POLITICIANS - STATESMEN & SCANDALS What a wealth of autographs you will find amongst the books, documents, letters and photographs that make up this unique collection. Some of the original autographs include DAVID CAMERON, WILLIAM HAGUE, BORIS JOHNSON, GORDON & SARAH BROWN, TONY BLAIR, CHERIE BOOTH, ALASTAIR CAMPBELL, PETER MANDELSON, JOHN MAJOR, EDWINA CURRIE (who had an affair with Major), HUGH GAITSKILL, MARGARET THATCHER (5 times!), DENIS THATCHER, CAROL THATCHER, ALAN CLARK, JIM CALLAGHAN, EDWARD HEATH, HAROLD WILSON, MARY WILSON, GEORGE BROWN, MARCIA FALKENDER, ARNOLD GOODMAN, SELWYN LLOYD, DAVID STEEL, ALEC DOUGLAS HOME, HAROLD MACMILLAN, ANTHONY EDEN, CLARISSA EDEN, JENNIE CHURCHILL, RANDOLPH S. CHURCHILL, DIANA CHURCHILL, SARAH CHURCHILL, CLEMENTINE CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. CHURCHILL (grandson), MARY SOAMES, ERNEST BEVIN, CLEMENT ATTLEE, NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN, LORD HALIFAX, STANLEY BALDWIN, ROBERT VANSITTART, RAMSAY MacDONALD, DAVID LLOYD GEORGE, FRANCES LLOYD GEORGE (secretary, mistress and 2nd wife), HERBERT ASQUITH, MARGOT ASQUITH, WILLIAM GLADSTONE, WELLINGTON, SALISBURY, BALFOUR, PALMERSTON, ARTHUR SCARGILL, ENOCH POWELL, JEREMY THORPE and others. (137 volumes). $3,000–3,500 ❖ 506 LONDON ANDTHE SWINGING 60s A wonderful collection of original autographs in books about the leading personalities in the music, fashion and cultural revolution that was London in the 1960s. The Swinging Sixties was a youth-driven phenomenon that took place in the United Kingdom during the mid-to-late 1960s, emphasising modernity and fun-loving hedonism, with Swinging London as its centre. It saw a flourishing in art, music and fashion, and was symbolised by the city’s “pop and fashion exports” . Among its key elements were the Beatles, as leaders of the British Invasion; Mary Quant’s miniskirt; popular fashion models such as Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton; the mod subculture; the iconic status of popular shopping areas such as London’s King’s Road, Kensington and Carnaby Street; the political activism of the anti-nuclear movement; and sexual liberation. The autographs include JULIA BAIRD (John Lennon’s half- sister) signed photo accompanying her book “John Lennon, My Brother”; CYNTHIA LENNON in her book “John”; JULIAN LENNON in his book “Beatles Memorabilia”; YOKO ONO on a card in her book “Memories of John Lennon”; PETE BEST signed photo loosely inserted in the book “How they became the Beatles”; OLIVIA HARRISON in her book about George “Living in the Material World” (together with a card signed by Martin Scorsese, who wrote the introduction); RINGO STARR signed photo loosely inserted in his book “Straight Man or Joker”; JANE ASHER signed card with “THE BEATLES - The BBC Archives” and a signed photo with “Paul McCartney Poems and Lyrics 1965 - 1999; BRIAN EPSTEIN signed postcard in his book “A Cellarful of Noise”; LINDA McCARTNEY in her book “Linda’s Kitchen”; GEORGE MARTIN signed card loosely inserted in the book “The John Lennon Letters” by Hunter Davies (with his signature); “The Complete BEATLES Chronicle” with the signatures of GEORGE MARTIN and RICHARD LESTER (who directed “Help!”; JENNY KEE in her book “A Big Life”; CHARLIE WATTS, MICK JAGGER & BIANCA JAGGER autographed photos and a card loosely inserted in the book “According to the Rolling Stones”; JERRY HALL signed photo in her book “My Life in Pictures”; BILL WYMAN in his book “Rolling with the Stones”; RONNIE WOOD signed caricature with his book “Ronnie”; JO WOOD signed in her book “Hey JO”; BILL WYMAN signed book “Stone Alone”; and others including MARIANNE FAITHFULL, ELTON JOHN, ERIC BURDON, ERIC CLAPTON (signed limited edition book), PETE TOWNSEND, PATTIE BOYD, DUSTY SPRINGFIELD, JERRY MARSDEN, CILLA BLACK, RAY DAVIES, “TWIGGY” , VIDAL SASSOON, JEAN SHRIMPTON, DAVID BOWIE, NICK MASON (of Pink Floyd), MARY QUANT, LULU, TOM JONES, MICHAEL CAINE, EDNA O’BRIEN, VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, JULIE CHRISTIE, DAVID HOCKNEY, RONALD BIGGS, DAVID FROST, RICHARD BURTON, DIANA RIGG and more. (Over 105 books). $5,000–7,500 ❖ 507 ENGLISH SATIRE & COMEDY INTHE 1960s Hand-in-hand with “Swinging London” of the 1960s there was also a revolution in the fields of political satire, comedy and comic entertainment which also burst onto the world at around the same time: The Goons, Monty Python, Beyond the Fringe, Pete & Dud, to name some of them. This collection includes signed photographs, cards, notes and books covering all of those, and more, with autographs including PETER SELLERS (and BRITT EKLAND, one of his wives); SPIKE MILLIGAN, HARRY SECOMBE, MICHAEL BENTINE, ERIC SYKES, MICHAEL PALIN, JOHN CLEESE, CAROL CLEVELAND, TERRY JONES, TERRY GILLIAM, ERIC IDLE, JOHNNY SPEIGHT, WARREN MITCHELL, RODNEY BEWES, JAMES BOLAM, DAVID FROST, NED SHERRIN, BERNARD LEVIN, WILLIAM RUSHTON, JOHN BIRD, DUDLEY MOORE, ALAN BENNETT, PETER COOK & JONATHAN MILLER. (33 volumes). $750–1,000 ❖ 508 THE 1966 ENGLISH WORLD CUP WIN England’s only World Cup win - so far - resulted in many fine books being published by and about the members of the team, the coach, the opponents and why it hasn’t happened since. Some of the best books are present in this little collection which includes “BEST - An Intimate Biography” by Michael Parkinson (signed by Best & Parkinson); “George Best - Scoring at half- time” (with a piece signed by Angie Best, his 2nd wife); “Sir Bobby Charlton - My Life in Football” (with a card signed by him); “George Cohen - My Biography” (signed by him); “Greavsie - The 509 74