591 An antique coral display in glass dome (damaged), 19th century, 70cm high, 50cm wide, 25cm deep $80–100 ❖ 592 An American skeleton money box, painted cast iron, 16cm high $200–300 593 An American double-sided money box, painted cast iron, circa 1900, 11cm high $200–300 594 An American “Jolly Nigger Bank” painted cast iron money box by J. & E. Stevens Co. Cromwell Conn. U.S.A. 18cm high $150–250 ❖ 595 An American painted cast iron money box “The Young Nigger Bank” , late 19th century, 12cm high $150–250 596 Tammany Bank American cast iron money box, late 19th century, 15cm high $200–300 ❖ 592 593 595 597 Hallett Marshall American nickel plated money box, 19th century, with key, 16cm high $200–300 ❖ 598 Totem figure and tribal drum, wood, feather and earth pigments, Papua New Guinea, 20th century, the drum 51cm high (2) $80–120 ❖ 599 CHILDREN’S GAMES: Le Petit Chien Savant (The wise little dog) circa 1880s boxed game by Leon Saussine, Paris together with a “Puzzle Drive” with Anchor Stone Puzzles - No.14; with ten terracotta stone pieces in original box with illustrated manual. circa 1910. (2) $200–400 ❖ 80