198 A Continental apprentice kitchen dresser, elm and beech, 19th century, 45.5cm high $250–350 ❖ 199 Two ceramic sculpted nudes, circa 1970, 42cm high and 49cm long (2) $100–200 ❖ 200 An antique Persian pocket astrolabe, signed Nifarish Saad’di, dated 1708, with five double-sided engraved wheel charts, 11cm high $4,000–6,000 201 Saint Nicholas Orthodox Christian icon, 18th/19th century hand-painted on board, 40 x 29cm $800–1,200 202 A rare 18th century Belgium pen-work box, interior fitted with four additional boxes, inscribed “La Place De Sea Et La Fountaine Du Pouhon, 1773” . Pouhon was famed for its mineral springs and associated spas visited by the aristocracy and wealthy middle classes in the 18th century, the four internal boxes are all adorned with scenes of various local spas including “La Geronsterre” , “La Tonneley” , “Le Watroz” , and “La Suaveniere” . With original key and ivory tag. 6.5cm high, 19cm wide, 15cm deep $2,000–3,000 200 201 202 27