413 Department of Education Victoria series of 4 posters, each 64 x 81, circa 1950 and numbered 1 (primary production), 2 (railways, electricity, airways, etc.), 3 (sheep, wheat, wool, etc.) & 4 (beef, dairy, forestry, etc.). Unknown artist or printer. Each attractively linen backed and in good condition. $300–400 ❖ 414 FILM POSTER: “Inland with McDouall Stuart - A man of Stamina” [1956, lithograph in colours, William Brooks & Co., Sydney]. The film, a documentary about Stuart and about the Northern Territory, was made by Australian Instructional Fims, Sydney. 73 x 97cm, linen backed, overall 84 x 107cm. $200–300 415 Eileen Rosemary MAYO (1906-1994) AUSTRALIA, THE GREAT BARRIER REEF offset lithograph in colours, c.1956, printed by McLaren & Co., Melbourne. 100 x 64 cm. Also, another Queensland poster of the same era. (2 items). $2,000–2,500 416 “VICTORIA AUSTRALIA A WINTER WONDERLAND” snow skiing poster issued by The Tourist Development Authority of Victoria; c1960s. colour process lithograph; 101 x 63.5cm. $200–300 ❖ 417 AUSTRALIA, SOUTH AFRICA, BRITAIN: A small collection of 1960s posters including the “3rd Adelaide Festival of Arts 1964” and 2 other Adelaide images, Perth “Australia’s Sunniest Capital” , Qantas to South Africa (featuring a lion), etc. (8 items). Mixed condition. $250–500 ❖ 418 “Queensland, The Sunshine State of Australia / And Travel There Without a Care BY TRAIN” , showing City Hall Brisbane, published by Queensland Government Tourist Bureau, circa 1965 colour process lithograph, printed by S.G.Reid, Government Printer, Brisbane, overall 63 x 101cm. $200–300 ❖ 419 “Visit fascinating Fiji. Fly there By QANTAS, Australia’s Round-the-World Airline” with further text “Just 4 hours from Sydney by Qantas 707 V-Jet lie the fabled Fiji Islands the ideal place for a real tropic island holiday. ”; circa 1970; colour process lithograph, 75 x 49cm. $200–250 ❖ 415 414 77