MAPS AND MILITARY 387 Johannes Janssonius (Dutch, 1588- 1664). Indiae Orientalis, Nova Descriptio [Dutch Map Of The East Indies] 1630. Copperplate engraving, text including title in plate; overall, 50 x 58cm (paper). Some hand colouring. Text includes “Amstelodami. Ioannes Ianssonius excudebat. ” Important early map of Southeast Asia and the Philippines, and a landmark in the mapping of Australia, first published by Jan Jansson in 1630. This is also the only Dutch printed map showing the 1606 discoveries of Willem Jansz, who in the Duyfken is attributed as making the first recorded European sighting of Australia, mapping the Cape York Peninsula. $800–1,200 ❖ 388 “LES INDES ORIENTALES AU-DELA DU GANGE....par le S.ROBERT. 1762” [Paris] 38 x 30cm. A detailed map of Indochina from Singapore to Burma to Vietnam. Shows mountains and rivers and was a very up to date map for this period. Hand coloured. Also, 3 other maps: Johnson’s AUSTRALIA; Colton’s UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 1857 & Colton’s ILLINOIS 1857 . (4 items). All framed & glazed. Various sizes. $200–300 ❖ 389 BONNE, R. Planisphere suivant la projection de Mercator 1780, 22 x 32.5cm. Shows the trade winds, Van Diene’s Land still connected to Nouvelle Hollande and very little of Antarctica. Also, “New Zealand” a folding map from “Philips’ Series of Maps for Travellers” [London, 1868] 16 section folding map laid down on canvas; shows also Norfolk Island and details of the Otago Gold Fields. (2 items). $150–200 ❖ 390 POLYNESIA (including the north east quadrant of Australia). Drawn under the direction of Mr. Pinkerton by I. Hebert, Neele sculpt. Published Janr. 1st 1813 by Cadell & Davies, Strand, and Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme & Brown, Paternoster Row. Polynesia including Hawaii, the Philippines, New Guinea, Tahiti, Fiji, New Caledonia, the New Hebrides and the northeastern quadrant of Australia, entitled “New Holland” . 51 x 69cm. Copper engraving; framed & glazed. $500–750 ❖ 391 Stanford’s Library Map of Australasia constructed by A. Keith Johnston, first edition steel engraved and hand coloured map, circa 1859, dissected into 48 sections laid down on linen, framed and glazed, 155cm x 174cm The latest explorer’s track shown in this 1st edition is that of A.C.Gregory (1858). The map also shows railways, roads and submarine telegraph lines. Only three examples of this map are recorded in Australian collections (National Library of Australia; State Library of New South Wales; University of Queensland Library). $8,000–12,000 391 73