338 An Australian fiddleback blackwood box, late 19th century 28cm high, 50cm wide, 29cm deep $150–250 ❖ 339 An Australian music roll or bedside cabinet inlaid blackwood and maple with Australian map on the top and adorned with charms and symbols on the sides, circa 1920 80cm high, 47cm wide, 46cm deep $400–600 340 Australian art deco occasional table, Queensland maple and walnut with kauri pine legs, circa 1930 50cm high, 60cm diameter $200–300 ❖ 341 A two drawer desk with serpentine front, blackwood, circa 1900 77cm high, 115cm wide, 57cm deep $300–500 ❖ 342 A swivel office chair, blackwood and leather, early 20th century 66cm across the arms $300–500 ❖ 343 A rare Australian treadle base sewing machine by Ward Bros. late 19th century, drop head machine embellished with gilded map of Australia and portraits of the Ward brothers 80cm high, 92cm wide, 46cm deep $600–1,000 ❖ 344 A miniature chest of 33 drawers, early 20th century made from tea chests and packing crates 57cm high, 42cm wide, 15cm deep PROVENANCE The Rodney Pemberton Collection $300–500 345 An Australian tramp art jewel box, carved cedar, circa 1895 red velvet lined interior 14.5cm high, 28cm wide, 16cm deep PROVENANCE The Rodney Pemberton Collection $200–300 346 A folk art cotton reel Canterbury, South Australian origin, 19th century 80cm high, 40cm wide, 34cm deep PROVENANCE The Rodney Pemberton Collection $250–350 345 344 346 67