176 REMUED Pottery jug with applied gumnuts, leaf and branch handle, incised “Remued (?)/M” , with original foil label 13cm high. 18cm across $400–600 177 REMUED POTTERY Barrel shaped vase with branch handle incised “Remued 114/8” 20cm high $120–200 ❖ 178 MELROSE WARE Rare pair of Aboriginal bust bookends in cream glazed pottery, stamped “Melrose Ware, Australia” 13.5cm high (2) $1,500–2,000 179 HARVEY SCHOOL pierced pottery table lamp with fish decoration by Frida Hein, incised “Frida Hein, 11C + 16C” , 26cm high $200–300 180 BOSLEY Pottery owl statue, South Australia 27cm high $400–600 ❖ 181 UNA DEERBON Pottery fruit bowl with coloured fruit border incised “Deerbon” 36cm diameter $200–400 ❖ 182 MELROSE WARE Pottery vase with gumnuts and leaves signed “Melrose Ware” 12cm high PROVENANCE The Rodney Pemberton Collection $80–120 183 Red Cross Handicraft Exhibition Australia 1925 First prize winning porcelain vase with hand painted Pre-Raphaelite scenes signed “K. W. M. ‘25” with accompanying winners tag presented to “Miss MALONE” 24cm high $400–600 176 179 182 183 178 33