5 A whalebone walking stick with whales tooth carved fist handle and silver collar, 19th century 81cm high $1,200–2,000 6 A whalebone walking stick with silver collar and carved whales tooth handle, 19th century 85cm long $1,000–1,500 ❖ 7 A ship’s lantern, copper, brass and glass, early 20th century 41cm high $300–500 8 A rare scrimshaw whalebone toggle decorated with deer and floral motif, monogrammed “A. S” , North American, 19th century 3cm high $200–300 ❖ 9 A whalebone card case, mid 19th century 9cm x 5cm $250–350 10 A whalebone jagging wheel, mid 19th century 14cm long $150–250 9 10 7 5 11 6