was 31 years old, McCluer was sent to the Pelew (Palau) Islands in the Panther, accompanied by the Endeavour, commanded by Lieutenant William Drummond, to inform the King of the death in London of his son Lee Boo, who had been brought to England by Captain Henry Wilson, whose vessel the Antelope had been wrecked on the Pelew Islands. One of McCluer’s officers was John Wedgbrough, who was serving in the Antelope when she was wrecked. The Pelew Islands lie in what is known as the Caroline Group in the Western Pacific Ocean. They continued their planned journey after this visit, charting large parts of Timor, New Guinea and the north coast of Australia. (3 editions). $200–300 ❖ 228 BLIGH, William (1754-1817); SURVILLE, Jean Francois de (1717-1770); FORSTER, Georg (1754-1794) William Bligh’s Reise in das Sudmeer German translation of Bligh’s ‘A Voyage to the South Sea’, a variant edition of Ferguson 147 , which was also published by Voss in Berlin in 1793 but with different pagination and plates. Bound together with IMLAY, Gilbert “Imlay’s Nachrichten von dem westlichen Lande der Nord-Americanischen Freistaaten” . (A Topographical Description of the Western Territory of North America). pages 161-76 inserted copies. $600–800 ❖ 229 MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY - HAMILTON, George Reise um die Welt in der Konlichen Fregatte Pandora [Berlin, Bossischen Buchhandlung, 1794] pp 104, Octavo, contemporary half calf over papered boards; 19th Century bookplate of Soren Hansen. First German translation of George Hamilton’s ‘A Voyage Round the World in His Majesty’s Frigate Pandora’ (1793). Hamilton was surgeon aboard the Pandora, which, under Captain Edwards, was sent to track down mutineers from the Bounty. “In 1791, the expedition arrived atTahiti and arrested fourteen of the mutineers. A cage constructed on the quarterdeck of the ship to hold the prisoners was nicknamed “Pandora’s Box” . ” [Hill]. $600–800 ❖ 230 JAMES SEMPLE, BOTANY BAY & NEW ZEALAND: THE LONDON CHRONICLE Jan. 28-31, April 8-11, July 27-29 & Aug. 5-8, 1797: The first edition reports that “Major Semple” was being sent to the hulks at Portsmouth prior to transportation. In 1784, Semple had been arrested for obtaining goods by false pretences, and in 1786 was sentenced to 7 years’ transportation. Released on condition of quitting England, he went to Paris, where he represented himself as serving on General Berruyer’s staff, and witnessing the execution of Louis XVI. Returning to England in time to avoid arrest, he was again, in 1795, sentenced to transportation for defrauding tradesmen. Disappointed in his hopes of pardon, he stabbed himself in Newgate in 1796, and tried to starve himself to death. He recovered, and in 1798 was sent in the Lady Jane Shore transport, to Botany Bay. During the voyage a mutiny broke out, Semple’s warning of the plot having been disregarded by the captain. Semple, with several others, was allowed to be put off in a boat, landed in South America, and, after many adventures, reached Tangier, where he surrendered and was sent back to England. The later editions provide news from Botany Bay (“The settlement of Sydney prospers.. ” , a notice about Commodore Philip, now at Gibraltar (“the Officer who laid the foundation of the settlement in New South Wales”) and also some news from New Zealand (“It would appear that these people must be frequently at war with some of the neighbouring tribes, as it was not unusual for them to bring on board several heads of their enemies for sale. ” (4 editions) $200–250 ❖ 231 THOMAS MUIR ESCAPES BOTANY BAY ON THE “OTTER”: THE LONDON CHRONICLE Feb. 11-14, 1797: A short article giving an update on this notorious series of events. Also, armed robberies in Belgium, bankruptcies in London, a trial for seditious libel; the “wholesomeness” of the new prison at Clerkenwell; French troops gathering on the coast near Jersey, and much more. $150–200 ❖ 232 WILSON, James A Missionary Voyage to the Southern Pacific Ocean, Performed in the Years 1796, 1797 , 1798 in the Ship Duff, commanded by Captain James Wilson, compiled from journals of the officers and the missionaries; and illustrated with maps, charts and views, drawn by Mr. William Wilson, and engraved by the most eminent artists. With a preliminary discourse on the geography and history of the South Sea islands; and an appendix, including details never before published, of the natural and civil state of Otaheite; by a committee appointed for the purpose by the directors of the Missionary Society. [London: T. Chapman, 1799.] Quarto, half- calf over marbled boards (hinges weak; upper board detached); bookplates to endpapers; 13 engraved prints and maps (some folding). Includes List of Subscribers at end. The first missionary voyage to the South Pacific. Captain James Wilson (1760-1814), commanded the British ship Duff, which the London Missionary Society contracted in 1797 to convey a team of missionaries (consisting of 30 men, 6 women, and 3 children) to their postings in Tahiti, Tonga, and the Marquesas Islands. During the voyage, Wilson also surveyed (or confirmed the locations of) numerous islands in the Pacific, including Vanua Balavu, Fulaga and Ogea Levu in Fiji, Mangareva in the Gambier Islands, Pukarua in the Tuamotus, and Satawal, Elato, and Lamotrek, in the Caroline Islands. $500–750 ❖ 233 THE MORNING HERALD, London: 1805 A group of complete editions of this large-format newspaper, each of which carries news or information from Botany Bay, which “may give some idea of the state of society in this extraordinary colony.... ” The Feb.28 edition provides snippets and advertisements transcribed from “The Sydney Gazettes’ recently received in London; the April 16 edition reports on the possible new Governor of New South Wales as well as the immenent departure of various families of British settlers about to sail for Port Jackson; the May 27 edition carries a note about a dog collar engraved with the words “Hold, hold, good friend, this Dog steal not, Or Botany Bay will be your lot. ” and that of July 18 carries more news and advertisements from the Sydney Gazette. (4 editions). $150–250 ❖ 234 NEWS FROM AUSTRALIA in THE LANCASTER GAZETTE - 1807 Three editions (21 February, 23 May & 17 October) each with a report from Australia; firstly, news received from Captain Sladen who had arrived with despatches from Governor David Collins regarding the new settlement on Van Diemen’s Land; secondly, news of the prices of grain, vegetables and other provisions in New South Wales; and thirdly, a lengthy article by Matthew Flinders regarding his “Expedition Around the World” . (3). $150–200 ❖ 235 AUSTRALASIA REPORTED in the LIVERPOOL MERCURY, 1824-25 The April 30, 1824 edition carries a long article headed “Emigration to Van Diemen’s Land”; the January 14, 1825 carries a report of the trial of Alexander Pierce at Hobart Town, who was tried for the murder of Thomas Cox and for subsequently cannibalizing his body “to exist upon”; the February 18, 1825 edition reports on the arrival of the Urania from New Zealand, bringing a maori chief to meet King George III. (3). $150–200 ❖ 37