93 A tall ship diorama in wall-mounted case, 19th century 38cm high, 45cm wide $150–250 94 A Russian Navy celestial globe in case, circa 1930 the case 26cm high, 24cm wide, 25cm deep $300–500 95 A “Philips 6 Inch Celestial Globe” and “Philips 6 Inch Terrestrial Globe” on turned wooden stands, early 20th century 25cm high, 15cm diameter (2) $200–400 ❖ 96 Van De Graaff Electrostatic Generator educational instrument, mid 20th century 75cm high $100–200 ❖ 97 Two planetarium projectors, northern and southern hemispheres, mid 20th century 50cm high (2) $300–500 ❖ 98 DOLLOND Expanding brass telescope on stand, engraved “DOLLOND, LONDON” , late 18th century 100cm long, 41cm high $600–800 99 BERGE Expanding brass telescope on stand, marked “Berge London Late Ramsden” , late 18th century 107cm long, 46cm high $600–800 100 COOKE Portable transit telescope made for the Presidency College Calcutta, circa 1904 66cm long $2,000–3,000 ❖ 101 SPECTROSCOPE by R. Fuess, Steglitz, Berlin 40cm high, 37cm across $800–1,200 102 TROUGHTON & SIMMS of London transit telescope in mahogany case, late 19th century 63cm long $600–1,000 ❖ 103 An unusual single draw brass telescope 6 inch lens by THOMAS JONES, CHARING CROSS, LONDON, late 18th early 19th century, in unassociated felt lined box 50cm long $1,000–2,000 104 RAMSDEN Leather bound brass single draw telescope engraved “RAMSDEN, LONDON, W.M.S.P .M. 4/2/64” , mid 19th century in unassociated brown box 75cm long $300–500 ❖ 93 94 20