497 A goldfields brooch, pick and shovel with rope and nuggets, 9ct gold, South African, 19th century stamped “South Africa” on the front of the shovel 5cm long, 3.7 grams $1,200–1,500 498 A 9ct gold miner’s brooch with wheel barrow, pick and shovel, ladder and bucket, 19th century stamped “9ct” 4cm long, 4 grams $1,800–2,200 ❖ 499 A gold miner’s brooch in the form of a shovel and nuggets entwined in rope, 19th century 5.5cm long, 3.5 grams $1,500–2,000 ❖ 500 Three gold stickpins, goldfields, Masonic and New Zealand, 19th century the longest 8cm, 5.6 grams total (3) $400–600 501 A 15ct gold Amalgamated Miner’s Association Ballarat Branch No.5 Trade Union Medal by Willis & Co. Melbourne, circa 1910 3cm high, 3.8 grams $500–700 502 WW1 Gold fob engraved on reverse “In Memory Of The Great War. LIEUT. Cranswick M.M. D.C.M. 40th Batt. From Stanley Residents. Peace Day, July 19th, 1919” . Tasmanian born Lieut. Cranswick received both the Military Medal and a Distinguished Conduct Medal during the war 4cm high, 5.1 grams $500–700 503 ALFRED JACKSON “Advance Australia” 9ct gold brooch set with seed pearl and blue stone, 19th century, stamped “9ct” English born convict Jackson was transported to West Australia arriving in Perth in 1866, pardoned in 1875 he soon set up his own jewellery business in Fremantle and later in Geraldton and then finally in Albany in the late 1880s. Rare. 5cm long, 3.6 grams $600–1,000 504 J.M. WENDT (attributed) 18ct gold double bar brooch set with 3 nugget specimens, stamped 18ct with crown 5cm long, 9.2 grams $2,500–3,500 505 GEORGE RICHARD ADDIS (attributed) 18ct gold triple bar brooch with fine West Australian Kalgoorlie gold nugget specimen twice stamped “18ct” 5.5cm long, 9.8 grams $2,000–3,000 497 500 502 501 94