POSTERS 411 “MIRACLE OF THE AGE Unique! STARTLING Perfectly formed EIGHT-LEGGED-PIG 1 - HEAD 2 - BODIES 8 - LEGS G.Stromberg, Sign. ” Very large hand-painted sign on canvas, circa 1920s; 163 x 263cm Purchased in North Queensland, the sign was almost certainly created to attract customers to a “freaks & oddities” exhibit at a travelling fair. $2,000–3,000 412 John Eldershaw (Aust., 1892-1973) HISTORIC TASMANIA, PORT ARTHUR c1930s. colour lithograph, signed in image lower right, 100 x 62cm Text continues “Information from Tasmanian Government Tourist Bureau, Hobart, Tasmania, or from branch offices in the capital cities of the Australian Commonwealth. Cox Kay Pty. Lith. Print, Hobart. ” $500–750 411 412 76