b'976866861956 MELBOURNE: The 1956 PARTICIPATION MEDAL: A copper 95mm diameter uniface proof or progressive die of the reverse of the medal which was issued with a 63mm diameter. With the copper backing plate (115 x 110mm) to which it appears to have been previously affixed. All details are similar to the issued medal but in reverse, of course. Not previously seen by us. $7501,0006871956 MELBOURNE: Gerhard Bahrs OLYMPIA in Melbourne 1956 (2 editions) & OLUMPIA in Stockholm 1956. (3, complete). Fine condition. .$60806881956 MELBOURNE: 1950s-60s memorabilia comprising Results & Records booklets for 1956 Melbourne Olympics & 1964 Tokyo Olympics (2) produced by The Olympic Tyre & Rubber Co; also The Story of the Olympics & Mexico booklet published by Woolworths National Olympics Foundation, unusual c.1956 Romanian Olympic Ring design montage of Olympic and sports championship photographs with descriptive text in English, French & Cyrillic (not seen by us before) and a 1956 Russian Olympic guide in Cyrillic . (6 items) .$1502006891956 MELBOURNE LITERATURE - XVI OLYMPIAD MELBOURNE 1956 The official report of the organizing committee for the XVI Olympiad Melbourne 1956, extensively illustrated, published in 1958 by W.M. Houston, Government Printer, 760pp hardbound quarto with dustjacket; also The Olympic Games: Melbourne 1956, a photographic commemorative publication showing highlights of the games, participating athletes and event records; plus an unused foolscap Requisition for reserved seating form for XVI Olympiad ticket sales. (3 items). $2503506901956 MELBOURNE OLYMPICS: Group with blazer pocket (Olympic Rings)/OLYMPIC GAMES/1956/OFFICIAL; Opening Ceremony programme (minor faults); booklet The Games of the Sixteenth Olympiad, Melbourne MCMLVI.Ex Ted Hanlon, Australian Amateur Weightlifting Federation President. (3 items). .$1502006911956 MELBOURNE: An autograph book containing mainly 1956 Olympians signatures including John Landy, Neville Scott, Graham Gipson, Bill Butchart, Albie Thomas, Ronald Crawford, Leon Gregory, Mervyn Lincoln, John Goodman, Sven Coomer, Faith Leech, John Hayres, Dawn Fraser and many more. Also noted several foreign athletes and some later Australian cricketers including Lillee, Lawry, Maddocks, Loxton, Burge, Grout, Chappell and others.$1002006921956 MELBOURNE BADGES & PINS: A group including Japanese Delegation 1956, India 1956 Team badge, Russia, Germany, etc. (11). $1001506931956 MELBOURNE Autographs on pages; noted Faith Leech (Aust.), Steve Johnson (GB Hockey), Jose Giorgetti (Argentina, Boxing), Anita Hellstrom (Sweden, Swimming), Regine Veronnet (France, Frencing), John Goodman (Aust.), Charlie Morris (Aust.), Margaret Northrop (Kenya, Swimming), Eamonn Kinsella (Ireland, Hurdles), Ranganathan Francis (India, Hockey), Reginal Johansson (N.Z., Hockey), Paula Deubel (USA, Shot put), Roba Negousse (Ethiopia, Athletics), and many more.$2003006941964 TOKYO: PAM KILBORN: Australian athlete who went on to win medals at the 1964 and 1968 Olympics: An archive collected during her 1960-61 domestic season, comprising of her scrapbook, her British Empire & Commonwealth Athletics Record certificates for two records achieved in the 80 Metre Hurdles, together with the Victorian Womens Amateur Athletics Association Gold Medals in original Stokes cases; the certificate for her record 100 Metre run, together with the gold medal in Stokes case; also a bronze and a silver medal also in Stokes cases. (Total: 5 medals, 3 certificates, 1 scrapbook.). $2004006951964 TOKYO: PAM KILBORN: 1962-63 SEASON: Archive including Kilborns scrapbooks (3) for 1962-63, including Indonesia Trip & Perth Commonwealth Games; Australian Championships medals (4 gold - 80m Hurdles, Long Jump, Pentathlon, 4 x 110Yds Relay); Victorian Championships medals (5 gold - 100 Yds, 80m Hurdles, Long Jump, Pentathlon, 300 Yds Relay; also 1 silver & 2 bronze); Bunbury Pre-Games Carnival Certificates (2); 1963 Queensland Record Certificate for Pentathlon. [All medals engraved]. (Total: 12 medals, 3 scrapbooks, 3 certificates).Pam Kilborn was the first woman to win three individual national titles in the same year. $500750'