b'1247471886 WISDENS ALMANACK, hardcover rebound preserving original front cover. $40050048 55481886 AUSTRALIAN TEAM, original cabinet card team photograph, The Entire Australian Cricketing Team, by London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company, laid down on its original card mount with players names (McIlwraith, Trumble, Jarvis, Bruce, Jones, Palmer, Spofforth, Wardill, Blackham, Evans, Scott, Bonnor, Garrett and Giffen), overall 16 x 11 cm.The Australian cricket team in England in 1886 played 27 first-class matches including 3 Tests which were all wonby England. $500750491887 WISDENS ALMANACK, hardcover rebound without original covers.$250350501888 WISDENS ALMANACK, hardcover rebind without original covers. .$2003005751511889 WISDENS ALMANACK, hardcover rebound preserving the original covers$400500'