b'986961964 TOKYO silver medal in original plastic presentation case issued by The Tokyo Olympic Fund Raising Association, 30mm diameter; also, a 1996 Atlanta Participation Medal in original box. (2 items). .$200250ex 6976971964 TOKYO: PAM KILBORN AT THE TOKYO OLYMPICS: Pam Kilborns Australian Team Blazer, with Australian Coat-of-Arms & Olympic Games 1964 embroidered on pocket; her team name badge; her official team lapel badge (kangaroo over Olympic rings) by Stokes; Official Badge with ribbon for Competitor in original case; Participation Medal in wooden box; scrapbook of press clippings; books & magazines (8) including Australia at the Olympic Games 1964; plus photographs (19) including the official team photo; souvenir silver medallion, Shibuya Tokyo 1964 medal & fan.In the 80 Meters Hurdles, Kilborn won the bronze medal behind Karin Balzer (gold) and Teresa Ciepy (silver) after having equalled the Olympic record in the semi-final. Soon after the Games, on 5 October 1964, she equalled the World Record for 80m Hurdles, running 10.5 in Tokyo. On 6 February 1965 in Melbourne, she bettered her record with a 10.4 time.$2,0003,0006981964 TOKYO: PAM KILBORNS 1966-67 SEASON - THE LEAD-UP TO MEXICO: An archive including British Commonwealth Teams Trip to Los Angeles: with Kilborns scrapbook for 1966-67; Silver-Plated rose bowl, with badge Los Angeles Times International Games 1967 engraved First Place, Womens 80-Meter Hurdles, together with ribbon & programme USA v British Commonwealth; Australian Championships medals (4 gold - 80m Hurdles, Long Jump, Pentathlon & 4x100m Relay); Victorian Championships medals (2 gold & 2 silver); SA Pentathlon Championship gold medal; British Commonwealth Record Certificate; Australian Record Certificate; NSW Record Certificate; Victoria Record Certificate; photograph; book Womens Track & Field World Yearbook 1967; The Australian Womens Amateur Athletic Union - Almanac of Records and Results 1967 & magazine; newspaper picture printing block.Having been undefeated in he 80m hurdles since the 1964 Olympics, Kilborn was the favourite for the Olympics in Mexico City. At the Games she was hampered by a shoulder injury and could not overcome her surprising teenage countrywoman Maureen Caird in the rain-affected final. She won silver. $5007506991968 MEXICO: PAM KILBORNS 1967-68 SEASON: An archive including Kilborns scrapbook for 1967-68; Australian Championships medals (4 gold - 80m Hurdles, 100m Hurdles, Pentathlon & 4x100m Relay; also 2 silver - 100m & Long Jump); Victorian Championships medals (3 gold & silver); British Commonwealth Record Certificate; Australian Record Certificate; South Australia Record Certificates (8); Victoria Record Certificate; photographs (6); The Australian Womens Amateur Athletic Union - Almanac of Records and Results 1968; Invitations to Duke of Edinburghs Outdoor Day & Queens Birthday Reception. $5007507001968 MEXICO: PAMELA (KILBORN) RYANS SPORT AUSTRALIA - HALL OF FAME MEDAL, engraved on reverse in the original presentation case; together with her HAll of Fame Certificate issued on Australia Day 1988, together with medals/plaques created for the Sports Australia Awards in 1984 and 1986. (4 items).Kilborn was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in 1971 and a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in 2008. She was inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame in 1985 and received a Centenary Medal in 2001. .$200300'