b'29158 159158MELBOURNE CRICKET CLUB, membership medallions for 1931-32 (No.855), 1932-33 (No.1233) and 1933-34 (No.768); all by C. Bentley. (3 items). $300500159MELBOURNE CRICKET CLUB, 1932-33 membership badges, made by C. Bentley,(No.4312) and an unissued trial badge, numbered No.100 on reverse, made by Stokes & Sons. (2 items).Another example of the Stokes trial badge, with different colour arrangement,was sold in our April 2015 auction for $585 incl. BP. $300500160160A SIGNED LETTER FROM RANJITSINHJI to KING GEORGE V - 6th March 1932:6th March 1932 typed letter on The Palace, Jamnagar, Kathiawar letterhead, with Ranjitsinhjis crest embossed in green, signed by Ranji at the end. A highly important historical document, addressed to King George V when Ranji had been elected to represent the interests of the Indian Princely dynasties with regard to their future in the political organization of India.Your Highness, the critical position in which the Indian States find themselves at the present moment.to take a decision in regard to Federation which will unquestionably determine the future of our States and of our dynasties.cannot, in the nature of things, be long delayed I fear that if we of the Indian States embark upon the pursuit of this ideal as something that can be attained immediately, we shall involve ourselves in the certain calamity of shipwreck and disaster.it is the responsibility which attaches to me in my capacity as a member of the Standing Committee of the Chamber of Princes - that has impelled me to take the present step of addressing Your Highnesswill appreciate my conviction that the time has come when it is the duty of all true friends of our ORDER, as well as of all true patriots to speak our minds without fear or favour.Split at folds; one fold stained.Sold together with a bound copy of the Proceedings of the Meetings of the Chamber of Princes (Narendra Mandal), March 1931; 76pp, including a folding enclosure Air Navigation in Indian States; 8vo, red cloth, upper cover with royal arms and gilt-stamped title.PROVENANCE: Jamnagar Palace Collection. .$1,2001,600'